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Choosing the Right Feather Flag Accessories

If you have ever encountered a striking feather flag on display, there is more to it than first meets the eye. Choosing the right feather flag accessories is incredibly important in order to display your feather flag successfully.

Types of Feather Flag Pole Bases

FLS Banners carries a variety of feather flag accessories that ensure that your flag is stable in nearly any situation. Picking the right feather flag base makes all the difference. These include:

Ground Stake
Ground stakes or spikes add an extra security to a feather flag by anchoring it to the ground. Because the stake must be inserted into the ground, it is most suitable for outdoor environments. It is recommended that you use the ground stake in grass or compacted dirt for best results.

The X-Base is a simple metal base that is sturdy and lightweight in construction. The x-base is configured in an “x” shape, hence the name.

Water Weight X-Base Cover
The Water Weight X-Base Cover is an inflatable donut-like tube that can be placed on top of the x-base in order to secure it better. Because the water weight bag be emptied, it is great for travel.If you need flexibility and portability, a water weight bag is recommended. The water weight bag is filled with water and set atop the x-base in order to secure it better in an outdoor environment. The water weight bag can be emptied of water and easily packed away for storage. The combination of base and bag make an excellent combo for any environment!

Water Base
This base is made of a heavy duty material that can be filled with water. It is much more heavy than the x-base making it suitable for outdoor conditions. This is the most stable platform for any feather flag.

Other Accessories

You may have the best looking flag around, complete with the accessories you need to keep it flying, but how are you going to carry it? Feather flags can be cumbersome to carry, not mention more than an armload. FLS Banners sells quality carry bags that can fit the feather flag material, poles, and more in one convenient enclosure. Carry bags cut down on setup time at an event and pack up when it’s time to go home. With a carry bag, you won’t have to take more than one trip from your vehicle and you won’t run the risk of losing important flag parts.

Choosing the Right Feather Flag Accessory For the Environment

When deciding what the best feather flag accessories to buy, it might help to consider what type of environment your flag will be in. Since feather flags are appropriate for both outdoor and indoor use, choosing the right base for indoor or outdoor use depends on where the flag will be displayed. In indoor situations, such as a tradeshow or a mall, the x-base makes an excellent choice. The x-base is lightweight, making the feather flag easy to move. A simple and efficient solution to feather flag security is the ground stake. The ground stake can act as an anchor, best used in an outdoor environment. Tying your feather flag to the ground stake, and inserting it into grass or packed dirt adds extra security.

In the case that you will be using your feather flag both indoors and outdoors, the water weight bag is recommended to be used together. The water weight bag can be fitted over the top of the x-base for use outside, or can be stored away for indoor use. Having both gives you more options in where you want to display your flag.

The water base is the heaviest and most substantial of the bases. Because of its weight, the water base cannot be moved as easily as the x-base without being emptied of water. However, it is much more sturdy than the x-base and better suited for outdoor conditions. If you are planning to keep your feather flag outdoors for extended periods of time or are keeping it outside in windy conditions, the water base is your best bet to keep your flag from blowing over.