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Choosing the Right Feather Flag Shape

One of the great things about feather flags, are that there are so many shapes to choose from. However, choosing the right feather flag shape can be tricky. FLS Banners carries:

  • Stand Out Square Bottom
  • Teardrop Flags

  • Concave Bottom

  • Convex Bottom

  • Swooper Flags

This much variety ensures that you have multiple shapes to choose from to best fit the theme of your brand.

The Difference Between Feather Flag Shapes 

Feather flags differ from traditional square flags in that they are stretched across a pole frame. This means that they will be fully visible, displayed at all times. Traditional square flags will hang limp when there is no wind or they are indoors.

Square Bottom Flags
Square bottom flags have the distinctive curve of a feather flag to one side, while having a straight edge down the other. The bottom of the flag is squared off completing the distinctive flag shape.

Teardrop Flags
Teardrop flags are so named because slope at a much more acute angle. The shape they make is reminiscent of a teardrop, hence the name. Since the lack the square bottom of another feather flags, there is less surface area near the bottom, but they have a much more distinctive appearance and modern appeal.

Concave Bottom Flags
Concave bottom flags are similar to square bottom flags, however the bottom is more pronounced as the border slopes slightly upward. This feather flag shape shares qualities from both the square bottom and the teardrop flags.

Convex Bottom Flags
Convex bottom flags are shaped the opposite from concave flags as the bottom rounds outward, rather than inward. Convex feather flags have the most rounded appearance of the different flag shapes.

Swooper Flags
Swooper flags have obtuse angles at both the top and bottom corners.

Deciding Which Feather Flag Shape is Right For You 

When it comes down to making a decision, the shape of your feather flag truly depends on your taste and how the flag shape will convey the message of your brand. How will your logo be placed on the flag? Will you have additional text running down the flag? Do you have additional decorative designs you would like to add to the flag? Are you looking for a more modern or traditional appeal? These factors can be considered when choosing a feather flag shape, as using the surface area of the flag is important in the initial design.