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Choosing the Right Feather Flag Size

Choosing the right feather flag size doesn’t have to be complicated. FLS Banners makes it simple to pick a flag size. FLS Banners offers three sizes, small, medium, and large. Each size was carefully planned in order to meet the needs of buyers.

Which flag size is right for you? 

Deciding which size of feather flags you need is a matter of environment. Will you be indoors or outdoors? Where will you be displaying your flag? In a hallway, sidewalk, or other location? Smaller feather flags may better suit indoor environments where space is more restrictive. Larger flags might do better outdoors where they will be more visible to ongoing foot or vehicle traffic.

Outdoor Display 

Visibility is an important factor in displaying a flag outdoors. Roadside flags need to be able to catch the eye of oncoming motorists. Outside your place of business next to a road or sidewalk, events like carnivals or fairs, or even outdoor community events, are a great places to display feather flags. Large flags can help make your booth or tent stand out in a crowd. Depending on your outdoor location, you will need to decide on a small 8ft, medium 10ft or large 13ft feather flag. Moreover, depending on the ground you intend to place it on, choosing the appropriate bases and hardware will be helpful. Our feather flag kits are a great place to start if you would like to purchase a flag and base together for your outdoor feather flag.

Indoor Display 

Indoor display is a different matter. Flags are great advertising tools for trade shows and indoor malls. More than likely, space will be limited indoors, making small or medium flags the perfect candidate for indoor display. They will be great for attracting attention and improving brand image but will fit indoors and not get in the way. Be sure to measure the height of your ceilings if they are low and also leave plenty of room for foot traffic to move around the feather flags. An x-base is ideal for an indoor display, add a water bag for more stability. Learn more and understand which base is best for my feather flag.