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Trade Show Display Kits

Feather Flags

Old-fashioned theater marquees would light up the street when a big event was taking place. Because this wasn't a common occurrence, it would create excitement and interest. Even though you don't have the ability to turn on a mass of bright lights, you do have ways to draw more attention and advertise an upcoming event or promotion by displaying advertising feather flags. Our teardrop feather flags are perfect for marketing and directing attention to corporate and sporting events, retail open for business and auto dealerships.

Choose your Shape

Feather Flags offer the maximum print area. Advertising Swooper flags make it easy to attract attention and display your brand design or message. Teardrop bow shaped flags are held open at all times thanks to firm hardware and the bow at the top. They don't require a breeze to be read or seen—and are the only version that can be read correctly on both sides. Feather flags, also known as bow flags, advertising flags, and sail flags are lightweight, free-standing and very portable. They're made from sturdy material that offers vibrant printed colors and will stand up to various weather conditions. They're also very economical allowing business owners to easily change out custom colors or messaging while using the same hardware.  Additional shapes include convex, concave and square.

Choose from Multiple Sizes

After deciding whether you would like a natural flag that will flutter in the breeze or one that will stay firmly open, choose your size options from 8 ft small, 13ft medium or 17 ft large.

Choose your Hardware

Besides coming with a ground stake for outdoor use, our advertising, teardrop bow and feather flags are available with an x-base stand for indoor use and can nicely add vertical height to trade show booths. We also offer a weight-based option that can be filled with water for use on hard outdoor surfaces. Order the kit that best fits your needs based on indoor or outdoor use or specific hardware if you would like multiple options.

Feather Flag Size

Feather Flag Materials

Feather Flag Construction

We only use the best materials for our feather flags: 130 Gram 100% polyester flag knit fabric long-wearing and will not mildew or mold, 400 Denier nylon pole pocket certain to outlast the flag itself, and an adjustable 1-inch nylon strap pull-down to get the look just right.

Feather Flag Construction

For construction, we start with 130-gram fabric for the flag., which is one of the heaviest you'll find and as our testing shows, it's just right. Then, we then attach a 400 denier nylon pocket using a 5 thread overlock sewing machine using PTFE thread. The adjustable 1-inch nylon pull down is attached to the flag with a bar tack sewing machine for strength. Everything we do in constructing your flag is designed to make it stronger and eliminate the typical weaknesses.

Feather Flag Printing

The highest quality print is so important to us that we have installed one of the most cutting edge direct to fabric printer platforms available: The Mimaki Tx500

This print platform enables us to produce high-resolution production at high speeds and delivers the Best 2 Sided Color in the market. No matter the quantity 1, 1000, or more we will exceed your needs. With 38 Years of experience and second generation ownership, this is what we were born to do.

Mimaki has announced that its Sb300 series dye-sublimation inks for the TX500-1800 textile printer have been awarded an Eco-passport certification. It's GREEN for you and the environment!