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Pre-Printed Open Flags For Business

You can't buy better quality pre-printed OPEN flags for your business than from FLS! Choose from our pre-printed feather flags, multicolored, two-sided open flags, new 28in X 40in 2-sided open flags, and the old favorite Red, White, and Blue open flags for businesses. To really get noticed, try our 3ft x 8ft giant open flags. Use these flags with our "Stand-Out" spinner pole for any open sign no one can miss. We make our open signs for you out of the best flag-quality materials. Changing your OPEN flag display from time to time is a good way to keep it fresh and attracting attention. To that end, we offer a variety of flags, colors and styles, at reasonable prices so as one flag wears, you can try something new and exciting. You know you attract instant attention to your business or enterprise the minute you proudly display your OPEN FLAG.

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The feather shape assures visibility for the vertical flags even in light breezes. OPEN feather flags kits make it easy for you to get your flag out and flying. Each kit includes your choice of one of the 4 flag designs below. We also include the rugged 2 piece fiber glass pole and swivel ground stake (used in a grass area.) If you need to display your flag on the sidewalk or other hard surface upgrade to the X-base option. If you need extra stability you can also add a water bag with the X-base. Learn more about feather flag hardware and bases.