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Custom Table Covers

FLS Banners (owner of is your one-stop tradeshow materials destination. At live events such as trade shows, job fairs, conferences, and more, first impressions are vital, and having an eye-catching presentation can be the difference between a highly successful event and a day spent watching people walk past your booth one right after the other. For your next event, set your booth apart from the competition with a custom table cover. Our trade show tablecloths are made of the highest quality fabric with premium custom printing. To begin, choose your custom table cover size or style to best fit your needs:


Custom Table Cover Sizes

4 Foot4 Foot Table Covers Starting at $79.50
6 Foot6 Foot Table Covers Starting at $114.50
8 Foot8 Foot Table Covers Starting at $128.50
36" Height Demo Table36" Height Demo Table Starting at $99.50

Custom Table Cover Styles

DrapedDraped Table Throws Starting at $99.50
StretchStretch Table Covers Starting at $183.50
FittedFitted Tablecloths Starting at $99.50
FittedTable Runners Starting at $57


Advantages of Custom Table Covers

When putting together a booth table, every inch of real estate that you can use to market your brand and capture attention is vital. At FLS Banners, we're proud to offer fully customizable table covers that can be printed with your logo, message, and more in order to capture the attention of everyone who passes by your booth.

Unlike general table covers, custom table covers allow you turn your table into a powerful marketing tool. Not only does a custom cover look more professional, it also allows you to convey a message to people passing by before you ever even get the chance to speak with them.

Chances are you've learned how to effectively promote your brand with the right message, colors, and images- all carefully selected to attract attention, inspire intrigue, and compel your audience to learn more. Getting this important branding and marketing across at a live event can sometimes be challenging. Custom table covers provide you with a medium that you can use to display your proven marketing tactics and set your booth apart from the competition.

Professional Design - High-Quality Materials

No other company makes custom table covers the level of professionalism and quality like FLS Banners. At FLS Banners, our custom table covers, banners, and throws are machine washable, can be printed in full color, and are built to last. Made with the highest quality materials available, these table covers are made to look great event after event and can be put to use for many years to come.

In addition to this, our industry-leading printing process creates a table cover where all of the images, colors, and graphics are crisp and clean, making for a design that is eye-catching and professional. Best of all, we make the process of designing and ordering a custom table cover, table throw, or table runner quick and simple, saving you valuable time and eliminating undue hassle.

Our Fabric

FLS Banners only uses the highest quality knit polyester fabric for our trade show tablecloths. The material is completely fire retardant. Most convention centers and venues require that table covers be flame resistant.

When it comes to displaying your own table cover, wrinkles do matter. You can have a beautiful logo, proudly displayed across your table, but if the cover is wrinkled, it will take away from your image. People notice wrinkles, this is why FLS Banners uses knit fabrics that are inherently more wrinkle resistant than industry standard materials. Poly poplin and poly twill fabrics are included.

Our Printing Process

Like our fabric, FLS Banners takes special care in the process of printing each custom table cover. All images are dyed into the fabric itself, rather than screen printing or similar method. This means that there will be no ink on the surface of the fabric that could crack, peel, or otherwise come off over time.

Additionally, our table covers are machine washable. You can throw your table covers in a washing machine after a trade show with confidence, knowing that your covers will come out fresh and unfaded.

Custom Colors

Our catalog boasts 80 standard colors to choose from. We can also offer custom colors (such as PMS matches), in most cases, free of additional charge. We are dedicated to providing you with a custom table cover that most fits your brand and image.

We offer a free upgrade to your order, allowing for all-over printing. You can add your logo to all four sides, as well as the top of the cover. Use our free template download to create your own graphic that will cover the entire cloth.

Set Your Display Apart

At live events, getting noticed for all the right reasons is half the battle. If you have a trade show, job fair, or other event coming up, set yourself up for success by outfitting your table with one of our custom covers, trade show tablecloths, or table runners.
With FLS Banners, the process of designing a custom table cover is simple and the end results are outstanding. If you would like to set your display apart from the competition, we invite you to begin designing your very own custom table cover today!