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Fitted Table Covers

Our fitted table covers offer the most professional look by providing straight, seamed corners. They come in both 3- and 4-sided versions depending on whether an open or closed back will be more helpful.

Fitted Table Cover Highlights

  • Form-fitting display table
  • Choose 3 or 4 sides
  • Easy setup; delivery in 5-8 days
  • 70+ colors

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Fitted Table Covers Provide Our Most Professional Look

By far, our table covers offer the most professional look because their dimensions are form-fitting to an actual display table—like a suit that is tailored to a persons shape. Though to take advantage of a fitted table cover, a customer must feel confident that the majority of their conferences and trade show engagements will use the same sized table—and same fitted table cover.

Helpful Hint: The difference between a fitted table cover and a draped table cover is all in the corners. For instance, fitted table covers have tight corners, whereas draped table covers have flowing corners—offering two very different looks.

Both three or four-sided table covers are available depending on your preference—and whether an open or closed back will be more helpful. Four-sided table covers provide extra storage space and keep items out of sight, but never far away. Three-sided table corner covers don’t have a full back to allow quick access to items under the table. The three-sided fitted table cover also allows a person sit behind the table comfortably.

Our table covers fit common tables and counters found at most trade show venues including 4 ft, 6 ft and 8 ft folding tables. Fitted table covers can also be custom-made to fit any display table precisely. If you’re planning outdoor use, the fitted table cover is also more secure.

Our table covers are available in a range of fabrics including knit polyester, poly poplin and contour stretch. We recommend knit polyester for overall look and usability—and because it’s fire retardant.