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Trade Show Display Kits

Custom Table Runners

Table runners let you add your logo and some pizzazz to your display on a budget. When combined with a blank table cover or tablecloth, you can achieve a great contrasting or complementary look.

Table Runner Highlights

    • Provides an economical cover
    • Pricing variety
    • Contrasting/complementary color schemes
    • Available in FR knit polyester

    Personalized table runners are a terrific way to “dress up” your display tables beyond a conventional tablecloth. Whether you’re working with a skirted table, a blank table cover throw or drape—or even a bare table. Since our custom runners cover the middle section of the table, “running” from the back edge across the top and down the front, your design will have high-impact. And your companies’ ability to make their logo and brand standout is excellent.

Custom Table Runners Pair Well with a Blank Table Cover

Custom table runners come in a variety of sizes and prices. They are styled for different length tables, for example, they can cover anywhere from 24 inches to 96 inches in length. Compared to other more bulky table cover styles, our promotional table runners are extremely portable and travel very well.

Helpful Hint: Table runners that cover the full length of a 4 ft, 6 ft or 8 ft table are referred to as table banners. A runner doesn’t cover the full size of an exhibit table. It’s meant more for high-impact rather than cloth coverage.

Knit polyester table runners are a smart choice because nylon and vinyl are too smooth and can be a challenge to keep runners in place. Since our table runners are smaller than a full drape or throw, you can opt for a full-imprinted runner and receive a custom background color for no additional cost. What a deal!