Trade show table covers are a critical part of your marketing plan. They set your trade show booth apart and give your overall presentation a professional look. It also means it can derail your marketing efforts if you aren’t careful. Whether fitted or stretch contour styles, trade show table covers have to look their best every time you put them out, and that’s often challenging when you have to store them and get them out over and over again.

Trade show table covers and table runners are designed to be wrinkle free. Yet repeated folding and improper storage can make even the most resilient fabric wrinkle. If you want to ensure that your trade show or presentation table looks its best every single time, storing trade show covers properly between uses is the key. All it takes is a little bit of effort to fold and store the cover right to reduce wrinkles and save you the time and frustration of ironing them before each use.

How to Minimize Creases and Wrinkles in Your Trade Show Table Covers

If you want to minimize creases and wrinkles in your trade show table covers, proper folding and storage are key. The following steps will help reduce the risk of wrinkles:

1. To fold the table cover, start by grabbing the table cover from the long side, the side that has the seam.

2. Fold this over the top of the table, matching the edge of the cover with the edge of the table.

3. Repeat this process with the opposite side.

4. Now, take the short sides of the table cover and fold them. The folded edge should match up with the edge of the table. On a long table will be a gap between the edges of the two short sides near the center of the table. Check to see that the flaps underneath the fold remain smooth during this process.

5. Next, grab one edge of the table cover and line it up with the edge on the opposite side. This will effectively fold the table cover into thirds if done correctly.

6. Fold the table cover in half to form a square.

7. Make one more fold, grabbing the side that is made up of the same edges. This is the last fold.

8. Now you are ready to store the table cover. If folded correctly, you should be able to slide the table cover into the bag it came in. If it will not slide into the bag, try folding it again.

9. Store the table cover in a bag in a place where water is not likely to get to it. Avoid stacking other things on top of it, and avoid contact with direct sunlight. Clean as needed to prevent stains.

Here are a few tips to help improve the process even further:

At every step, smooth out the table cover to prevent bubbles and wrinkles.

If you have wrinkles when you get the table cover out, use a handheld fabric steamer. This is easier and more effective than ironing.

Never stuff the table cover into a bag. If it does not slide in easily, get a larger bag or re-fold the table cover.

Get Ready for Your Next Trade Show with Trade Show Table Covers from FLS Banners

Prolong the life of your custom printed table cover so that your logo will look great for trade shows to come! If you have a trade show coming up, the right trade show table covers will help. If you do not already have them, consider the wrinkle-free, custom table covers and table runners from FLS Banners. If you do have them and have further questions about storing trade show table covers properly, don’t hesitate to ask us. Proper storage will help you keep your trade show covers in the best possible shape for many years of effective use.