custom-printed-feather-flagsAre you looking for a way to maximize the impact of your next display? Custom feather flags do just that. Now, with a special offer from FLS Banners, you can save on shipping for your next order of these high-impact banner flags.

About Custom Printed Feather Flags

Custom-printed feather flags from FLS Banners are lightweight, free-standing flags you can place anywhere in your display area. These flags stand tall, well over the heads of event attendees, so they will draw attention to your booth. They feature your logo on both sides, so no matter what angle they are viewed they will help with your branding efforts. They also work well for sporting events, festivals, retail openings, special sales, car dealerships, and so much more. Anytime you need something to grab attention that stands tall above the heads of your customers, you can benefit from custom feather flags. FLS Banners has streamlined our production process so that we can save you money and get your order to you faster. When compared to competitors, FLS Banners will save you $15 per order on average. Each feather flag set of poles will fit in a 48-inch box for convenient transportation. See what else we have to offer!

What FLS Banners Offers

FLS Banners offers you the option to purchase custom-printed flags with the base or pole design that works best for your needs. These advertising flags are made entirely in the USA out of eco-friendly materials and methods. Our printing process creates zero waste because we reduce and reuse wherever possible. We ship lightning fast, with most orders shipping within three business days, with a special discount shipping offer for current orders. You can easily get your custom flags to your doorstep in time for your next event.

At FLS Banners, we make it easy for you to customize your flags. Our easy upload and submission process, including templates that are easy to understand, makes it simple to start your designs. As part of our 3-Point Proof Process, we will send you an art proof for free to ensure the final design is exactly what you want, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Unlike other custom flag printing companies, we do not charge for both sides. Our flags are two-sided by design, and we include printing on both sides for one affordable price.

Types of Feather Flags Feather

flags come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different bases depending on your needs. As you are choosing the right flag for your needs, here are some of the considerations to make.

Flag Shape

First, consider which flag shape works best for your needs. FLS banners sell a variety of shapes, including convex, concave, and square traditional banners. You can also choose a swooper, which angles slightly over the people walking below, a teardrop shape, or an XL teardrop shape. The flag shape will depend on your style, your logo design, and the place where you will display the banner.

Flag Size

In addition, you can choose between a variety of flag sizes. Many people use feathered flags to grab attention from afar, and they need tall options that soar above the heads of event attendees. This includes 16-foot and 12-foot options. However, for smaller events or trade show booths, 8-foot feathered flags are also a great option.

Base Design

Where the custom feather flags will be displayed is an important consideration, because this will determine the type of base you want. Ground stakes are perfect for outdoor flags, as they stick securely into the ground to stay firmly in place, even with wind. For flags that may need to be used indoors or outdoors, water bases work well. These wide bases are filled with water to add weight and keep the flag in place but are more easily moved than ground stakes. For indoor use, an x-base flag base is convenient, lightweight, and portable.

Are you ready to enjoy the statement you can make with a custom feather flag? Order your custom feather flags today from FLS banners, and save around $15 per shipment!