Please see our table cover buying guide articles below for support.

When it comes to custom table covers, the options are endless and so are the applications. FLS Banners understands that with so many possibilities, a little help goes a long way.

Our table cover experts have compiled their best advice and suggestions for purchasing and using table covers. You can find answers to commonly asked questions within our Buyer’s Guide.

If you don’t see what you are looking for in our custom table covers guide please contact us. We are available to assist you with any questions you may have. Contact us today!

If you are looking to decide which size or fabric is best for you, we have helpful suggestions to inform you of the differences. Knowing exactly what style, size, and fabric material better suits your table will make selecting your cover a whole lot easier.

When it comes to design, there is a lot of thought that goes into the process. However, the finished product typically garners ample attention. To help you create an impressive cover design, FLS Banners provides a chart that contains a staggering 80 colors to choose from, a handy design checklist and template suggestion, as well as several options to submit your own design and artwork. All design methods and printing options are explained in our Buyer’s Guide.

Learn what you need to know to turn your bare table into a colorful work of art that shows off your brand!

Choosing the Right Size

Need help picking the right custom table cover size for your table? Depending on what kind of table you have and the dimensions of that table, you need a table cover that properly fits. Using the right size cover is important in order to have full table coverage, display your artwork correctly, and not drag on the floor. Here are some tips:

First look through your trade show and event materials to see if you are offered multiple table sizes or just one size.

In our experience, the most common sized tables are:

  • 6 ft and 8 ft length tables with a 30 inch wide top and stand 30 inches in height.
  • A 4 ft length table with a 2 ft wide top. Note, these tables are sometimes adjustable in height (22 inches, 29 inches & 36 inches.

If you don’t know the exact size, purchase a table throw for greater flexibility. Or, make it easy on yourself and order an adjustable table cover.

No matter what tablecloth size you may need for your next event, FLS Banners can back you up. If the length of the table cover drop is important to you, be sure to choose a fabric that allows more leeway to the floor.

Do you need assistance with choosing the right table cover size? Contact FLS Banners today, we look forward to helping you in the creation process!


When creating your own custom table cover, factors such as size and style are important, depending on the kind of table you plan to use. It may not be apparent, but the fabric of a table cover is just as important in the completion of the custom table cover overall. Because different fabric table covers offer different advantages, our customers value some advice before ordering a fabric table cover or personalized table skirt. We hope you will too.

Advice For Choosing The Right Fabric for Your Table Cover

  • Knit Polyester is our best selling premium fabric. From an overall functional standpoint, knit polyester really delivers the best function and quality. Knit polyester is wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and naturally flame retardant. Many venues require flame retardant materials which make knit polyester a solid choice.
  • Fire retardant (FR) knit polyester is our most popular fabric due to its durability, easy maintenance, flame retardant yarn, and excellent printability. Additionally, FR knit polyester is good for the environment because it comes from post-industrial and consumer recycled plastic, and it’s designed for long-term wear.
  • Poly Poplin is our economy fabric and is a great choice for any indoor or outdoor event due to the many positive qualities, including: durability, wrinkle resistance, stain resistance, quick drying and easy ironing.
  • Contour Stretch is a modern take on a table cover that fits snug around the table and is the latest on trend. For good reason too, the contour stretch fabric offers a smooth, sleek look—and with its special polyester material, the perfect canvas for displaying full-color imagery that really pops.

An FLS Banners table cover is more than a tablecloth, it is a billboard, a brand ambassador, and the foundation for new connections to be made. Don’t leave your table bare, contact FLS Banners to find out more about custom table covers.


FLS Banners is proud to offer an impressive array of options when creating a custom table cover. From color, to design, size, style, and fabric, you can be confident that your table will have the perfect display. With a new custom table cover, the next trade show or event you go to is sure to draw a crowd!

We make it easy for you. Thanks to multiple fabric colors to choose from and screen and digital print options, we can match and deliver great custom designs for your table. So go ahead and be creative: Use front panel print or full coverage print for your custom table cover.

If you’re shooting for a simple cover design using one or two spot colors or simple halftones then screen printing on knit polyester will be your best bet. The method produces a clean, durable imprint and is most economical for a larger quantity of custom table covers.

If you’re aiming for a more complex design using 3 or more colors, or 4-color printed designs, try our DyeLux™ digital printing method. It prints directly onto white knit polyester and actually dyes the design right into its fibers. If you want an eye-popping display table, our custom printing is the way to go. Impress the crowd at your next event!

Design Submission Checklist and Recommendations

Here’s a checklist for submitting your art:

  • Convert all fonts to outlines or include fonts used in upload.
  • Use vector art when possible (.ai, .eps, .pdf)
  • Embed all links (between 96-300 DPI at size 
  • Use solid coated PANTONE (PMS) if color matches are critical
  • When using an FLS Template file (see below), please turn OFF the template layer.

Do you need assistance with creating a custom table cover? Contact us today!


You can expect quality assurance throughout the process when ordering custom table covers, printed table throws, table drapes and more. FLS Banners makes an otherwise tricky process simple and quick. A custom display sends the message that your brand is serious. If you have a trade show or event and need a fresh look for your booth table, contact FLS Banners to get your printed table cover! 

How It Works

  1. When you request an estimate using our Quote Form, expect a written estimate within the hour during business hours, M-F 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM Central Time.
  2. Sign the estimate and fax it back to us. If you don’t have access to a fax, send an email with your consent.
  3. Then we will produce a layout that confirms your design layout. This will be emailed to you for approval. Allow up to 48 hours for this step. 
  4. Next, we will professionally produce your order; verify it matches your request then ship per your instructions.

Get started in creating your own custom table cover today! Contact us for more information and to request an estimate.


Vector vs. Bitmap Art and Image Size for Table Covers 

The normal image size on our table covers is 24″ X 48″. We can print larger when required but there would be an additional charge.

Many times we will get art like that is a low resolution .gif file. It may have been copied from a website, used for interoffice memos, or stationary.

Bitmap art can have many file extensions, .gif, .tif, .jpg, .jpeg, .psd, .eps are some of the most popular. Programs like Adobe PhotoShop are used to create bitmap art.

While a low-resolution file will display nicely on your computer monitor, there will be problems when the image is enlarged to the proper size for the table cover.

Left is that same .gif file enlarged only 4 times. The edges are getting steppy, or jagged because bitmap art is described in your computer as pixels or square dots that make up the design. When the design is enlarged, the pixels enlarge and you begin to see the “jaggies” appear.

This is an extreme example, and certainly, bitmap art can be used for many large designs, but the key is size and resolution. If you can only send a bitmap file try to send one that is at least 5″ X 10″ and 600 pixels per inch. This will be a file that is about 18M, or 18,000kb. Files this large are best sent to our FTP site, call for login and password information.

Outline Example

Another way to create an art file is called vector art. In this design, the objects are described in your computer as outlines rather than pixels. When these files are scaled up to any size, there is no loss of edge quality. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and FreeHand are some programs that are used to create vector art.

There is no easy push-button way to create vector art from bitmap art. If all you have available is a bitmap, we will have to re-draw it, we do charge for this service, but you can have a copy of the new file if you want it. 

When vector art is colored, the shape is simply filled in with the proper PMS (Pantone Matching System) color and you have a file that can be printed at any size and always looks crisp and clean.

Even better, a full sized (24″ X 48″ for table covers) vector art file will still only be around 2 – 4 M, a nice small file, easy to email.

We hope this discussion will help you get the best looking table covers possible. If you have questions please contact us.


You can expect quality assurance throughout the process when requesting a quote for printed table throws, table drapes and more.

When you request an estimate using our Request A Quote Form, expect a written estimate within the hour during business hours, M-F 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM Central Time.

When the estimate is received, sign the estimate and fax it back to us. If you don’t have access to a fax, send an email with your consent.

Then we will produce a layout that confirms your design layout. This will be emailed to you for approval. Allow up to 48 hours for this step.

Next, we will professionally produce your order; verify it matches your request then ship per your instructions.