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Stretch Table Covers

Stretch table covers are the latest craze for displalying on tables for trade shows, special events, retail point-of-sale, and outdoor venues. Because, they look sleek and contemporary by snugly fitting over tables without the need for any hardware.

Stretch Cover Hightlights 

  • Sleek, contemporary look
  • Full color print on one, or all sides
  • Contour fit with no image distortion
  • Variety of prices

Stretchable Tablecloths Offer A Form-Fitted Look

Stretch table covers, or contour covers, are popular for displaying on tables at trade shows, events, and retail point-of-sale. For good reason too. They offer a smooth, sleek look and with its special polyester fabric material, the perfect canvas for displaying full-color imagery that really pops.

Our new stretch table covers can fit 4 foot, 6 foot, or 8 foot tables and can be vibrantly printed using any colors or artwork that you would like. Choose to print on one side, or all 4 sides, plus the top for the promotional statement you want. Unlike other manufacturers who rely on the stretch of the fabric to allow the cover to hug the table, we cut ours for a contour fit that requires less stretching and ensures that your logo/design is not distorted when displayed on the table.

A New Trend that Can’t Be Ignored

  • Made from special polyester that gives smooth finish without wrinkles
  • Stretch table covers are perfect for displaying promotional items and materials
  • Comes with reinforced foot for easily attaching to table leg
  • Fits over table with no pinning or clips
  • Contour table covers are lightweight for cost-effective shipping and convenient traveling