Trade show table covers are a valuable investment. They help you create a unified appearance every time you head out to market your company. Yet with repeated use, your table covers are going to get dirty, and they may even stain if you don’t wash them well. When it’s time to wash them, you need to do it right to preserve the fabric and printing. Here are some tips to help with washing and drying trade show table covers, so they will deliver many years of reliable use.

Table Cover Washing Tips

Modern table covers are designed for durability and easy care. Most can be machine washed and dried, and steaming them to get out wrinkles works quite well. That said, you do need to know the different materials in order to chose the right washing techniques. At FLS Banners, we offer both knit polyester and poly poplin trade show covers. Here are the washing tips for both.

Knit Polyester Trade Show Booth Table Covers

Knit polyester is our standard material for trade show booth table covers. It’s durable, takes printing well, and drapes well over tables.

Thankfully, knit polyester is quite easy to clean. You can simply wash it in a 160-degree wash cycle (cool water). Be sure to use a synthetic detergent. Avoid bleaching the table cover or using a detergent with a bleach agent. This can affect any flame retardant treatment of the fabric or the colorfastness of the printing.

Once washed, toss the table cover in the dryer to tumble dry at a low temperature. Remove immediately. It should not need to be ironed if washed correctly, but you can touch up any creases with a 250-degree iron.

For 100 percent polyester table covers, you need to avoid excessive heat. Also, do not leave the fabric too long in the dryer. This can damage it and lead to wrinkles that are hard to get out completely.


Storage is an important part of washing and care. It is critical that you do not wad up the table covers and stuff them somewhere when not in use. This will cause wrinkles that are difficult to remove and can also damage the overall nature of the material. These wrinkle-free materials should not crease, but only if you handle them right. After washing, fold the table cover up and store it in a plastic bag. Avoid placing heavy items on top, as that could lead to creases.

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