It can be hard to figure out what type of table cover to purchase. With so many choices, it can seem overwhelming. We have good news! Customizing your table cover can be done in 3 easy steps. Let us help!

Step 1: Choose Your Style of Table Cover

It’s important to match the right style of table cover to your venue. Seamless table covers offer different benefits than adjustable table covers or fitted table covers. It might be helpful to consider the type of event you’ll be attending.

Are you an individual looking for a wedding table banner to add that personalized touch to your dream day, or do you work for a company and need a branded table cover with your logo for an upcoming trade show?

Step 2: Choose Your Table Cover Fabric

Fabric is a major determinant of what type of table cover you will need. We offer 2 types of fabrics:  knit polyester and flame-retardant knit polyester. The type of fabric you choose for your table cover should be determined by the environment in which your table cover will be displayed. Note that some styles of table covers don’t come in all fabric options. For example, stretch table covers are only available in knit polyester.

Knit Polyester

Knit polyester is our most popular fabric because the fabric is wrinkle-resistant and manageable. Knit polyester is lightweight and easy to transport. Knit polyester table covers also offer high-impact print visibility, which will increase the quality of your table cover.

Keep in mind that many trade show exhibitions require flame-retardant table covers. This is why we advise using flame-retardant knit polyester. Using flame-retardant knit polyester allows you to have the highest quality and safest fabric. If you’re not sure if an event will require flame-retardant table covers, it’s a safe decision to include it.

Step 3: Choose Your Color of Table Cover

Table coverAfter you figure out your venue and decide which style of table cover you want, it’s time to choose your colors. It’s critical to choose a color that grabs the attention of your audience, while clearly highlighting your message or brand. Ask yourself how you want your audience to feel, to think… and to act when they see your table cover.

You can create a custom table cover to incorporate multiple colors, fonts and images, or have one with a simple design and minimal color and font.

Notice how the plain blue background, single image, and short phrase of this polyester table cover relay one idea to its audience: The Knights.

Need more help in customizing your table cover? Give one of our table cover experts a call at #800-537-0463 or get a free proof!