Custom table covers are the perfect finishing touch for a professional-looking trade show booth or display. FLS Banners has many types of table covers for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for something unique and trendy or something conventional and classic, we have a table cover that will fit.

Types of Table Covers or Tablecloths

When you need a cover for your tables, you have many options to choose from. Sometimes choosing the right one is overwhelming, but FLS Banners is ready to help. All custom tablecloths can include graphics all over or a custom business logo in front for the same price! Some of the types we carry that are popular with our customers include these:

Table throws – Table throws, which are also called table drapes, cover the table and drape all the way to the floor on all sides, creating convenient storage underneath the table that is accessible from the back but otherwise hidden from view. This also comes in an open back option with drape on three sides instead of four, adding sitting access at the back of the table. Fitted table covers – The straight, seamed corners on fitted table covers give your display a streamlined look. These are cut precisely to size and fit your tables like a glove. Available in all four sides or open back.

Stretch table covers – A newly popular option, these table covers stretch over the legs and tabletop, giving a contemporary look and a snug fit that will not slip.

Custom table runners – Custom table runners are placed over a blank solid color table cover to showcase your logo and graphics and draw attention to them through an attractive contrast. These offer the benefit of fitting tables of multiple sizes, adding convenience and flexibility. Adjustable table covers – When you’re not sure what size tables will be available from one event to the next, choose an adjustable table cover that fits both 6 and 8 foot tables.

Blank table covers – If you don’t need or want your logo on all of your tables at your next display, we offer the option for blank table covers. Made from durable material in a range of colors, these give you a professional look without custom printing. These also pair well with custom table runners.

Table Cover Custom Options – Our throws and fitted table covers are available in open back or closed back options, depending on your needs as a custom option.

In addition, you have your choice of standard knit polyester, trade show certified Fire Retardant knit polyester, or custom stretch fabric with your purchase of a table cover from FLS Banners. All are available with your full color logo and graphics to make a positive impression on your trade show tables at your next event.

One of the more popular materials for our custom table covers is our trade show certified fabric. This fire retardant knit polyester is durable, easy to clean, and easy to print on. Use these over and over without a problem. Certificate included in the purchase as required by some venues.

We also offer knit polyester custom table covers. This fabric delivers some of the best color in the market, is wrinkle resistant, and will dry quickly when wet. It works well both indoors and outdoors.

Finally, you have the option to choose our contour stretch material, which is the fabric of choice for our stretch table covers. This fabric’s tremendous stretch fits snugly over your tables for a unique look. No matter which of these custom options you choose, when you purchase custom table covers with logo printing on them from FLS Banners, you will enjoy high quality products designed to last. The full color imprint will stay bright and festive year after year, and the custom designs will fit your table perfectly. If you are looking to create a professional-looking display, talk to FLS Banners about our different types of table covers to find one that is the right fit.

The FLS Banners Difference

You have many options to consider in your search for the right table covers. Why should you choose FLS Banners? We are a family business with over 30 years of printing innovation and experience creating custom table covers, flags, and banners. We have superior fabrics and exceptional digital print techniques to ensure your table covers truly shine. The vibrant colors and quality materials make our products stand out, yet we are able to provide them at a much lower cost than our competition because they are printed here in the USA. This combination of improved products and reduced pricing, put together with our exceptional customer service, makes FLS Banners truly stand out.

Are you in the market for new table covers? Do you want your trade show booth or display table to stand out? Reach out to FLS Banners today to select from our wide variety of table covers, and be prepared for your next event in style.