Demo season is here! Now is the time to prepare for demos, exhibitions, events, and tradeshows. If you are looking for the perfect tablecloth for your upcoming show, FLS Banners has everything you need. We provide experienced support, plentiful color options, an easy custom logo process, as well as various fabric and style options. No need to stress about getting your custom logo tablecloth made in time, we are here to get you the professional look you’ve been searching for.

What Size Table Cover for a 4-Foot Table Table?

4-foot fitted tablecoverTo adequately cover a 4-foot table, the type and cut of the fabric often determine how well it will fit. Typically, 4 Foot Table Covers fit folding tables with standard dimensions of 48” long, 24” wide, by 36″ high. Getting the best-fit table cover for your table will ensure that your custom logo and graphics are displayed properly and the sides of the cover layout smoothly. A great fit can also prevent the ends from dragging on the floor and bunching.

Why Choose a 4-Foot Table for Events?

Four-foot table covers are compact enough to save precious space at an event but offer ample room for a table cover, promotional materials, or showing off a product. 4-foot tables can be either demo height, rising about waist high, or bar height, which rises about midriff. Demo height tables are perfect for showing off a product or laying out promotional materials. Bar height tables create a welcoming aesthetic for sparking conversation at a tradeshow. Combined with a custom table cover, the bar height table cover is a great networking tool.

It’s important to find the right table cover size for a 4’ table cover. There are many sizes of table covers available from FLS Banners. With so many options, it may be a challenge to decide what size table cover you need. With this in mind, if you are looking for a table cover for your next event, here is a helpful overview of the benefits of 4’ table covers:

Uses for 4-Foot Table Covers

Imagine the demo tables used at Costco or small tables used at conventions, these are the type of tables that would be perfect for 4-foot covers. These types of tables can also be bar-height tables perfect for standing around. These table covers are the perfect match for these kinds of tables. 4-foot table covers are also great for displaying your logo at a convention, trade show, or school event.

Types of 4-Foot Table Covers

4-foot bar height tablecoverFLS Banners is committed to providing professionals with the options they need for whatever situation arises. Besides custom printing options for your own designs, FLS Banners also provides several fabrics, and various styles of table covers. Here are the 4’ table cover styles we offer:

Fitted – This style fits snugly around the top of the table. The fitted table cover gives your table a squared-off, seamless look that will appear sleek and professional.

Stretch – To create a contoured look, contour table covers are made of stretch material to conform to the shape of your table. The stretch contour cover eliminates wrinkles loose ends.

Throw and Drapes – For a quick and simple cover solution, a table cover throw is the easy answer. The throw is designed to cover the table on three sides with some draping and folding. The traditional table drape has a loose fit and is available in seamed or seamless options. The table drape is essentially a custom tablecloth for your event.

Runners – Named for how they run across the length of a table, table runners cover only two sides of a table. They offer a simple solution that gives your table a decorative flair.

Shop 4-Foot Table Covers Now!

If you plan to use a 4-foot table for your trade show or other display needs, FLS Banners has you covered. We have many tablecloth options to fit this standard length made from popular fabric options, including linen and polyester. Shop now to find four-foot table covers that will work for your needs, and enjoy the benefits of custom, full-color printing on your trade show booth table covers.