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  • company-logo-face-maskAs businesses begin to re-open across the country and more restrictions are lifted, it is important to understand business trends regarding face masks. Many people are concerned whether or not it is still safe to mingle in public spaces. This is true moving forward in 2020 and preparing for virus season in fall and winter.

    These new societal norms present an opportunity for your business to present a sense of security to your customers and promote trust in your brand. If employees are wearing face coverings you are sending the message that your business is serious about health and safety guidelines for your employees and customers.

    Here is what you should know about where business trends are going involving face coverings.


    Why Face Masks with Company Logos are Vital

    Most of us are aware that cloth face masks help prevent the spread of viral diseases. By covering the nose and mouth, they reduce the likelihood of airborne infection. When employees wear masks, they can feel more confident in their workspace. When customers interact with those employees, they can feel that they are safe to conduct business with you. They may choose your business because you are protecting their health.

    The face coverings that employees wear do not have to be plain, homemade or generic either. Many face mask companies offer printing options so that you can make custom face masks with your business logo printed on the front or even with creative branded designs. Face coverings can be incorporated into a regular employee uniform. As the stigma around facial coverings is fading, branded masks make a lot of sense aiding in a corporate or business strategy around safety.


    Complying to State and County Guidelines for Face Masks

    While everyone should comply with their local state and county guidelines regarding face masks, those guidelines may vary from region to region. What does not vary, is your business’ commitment to keeping employees and customers safe. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with your local government’s regulations or guidelines in regards to proper physical distancing and face coverings.

    Many states or counties may require employees to wear approved cloth face coverings while at work. The best thing you can do is to make sure the masks are clean and look professional.

    Face Mask Buying Trends - Prepare for Fall and Winter

    Even if the number of infections slows over the summer, national health experts warn that, like many cyclical viruses, COVID-19 may return in the fall. Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases confirmed these concerns. Although the virus may return, the national community will be much better prepared to handle another rise in cases than we did in early 2020.

    It is becoming abundantly clear that wearing face masks in the US will become a lasting trend moving forward and possibly beyond 2020. Businesses can best prepare by making sure they have a stock of professionally made masks with a branded logo and evolve their employee uniforms.

    Contact FLS Banners for more information on ordering your bulk or custom business logo face masks!

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  • nurses-using-fls-banners-face-masks[Sturgeon Bay, WI, April 24, 2020] For 40 years, FLS Banners has been associated with producing custom printed premium promotional materials such as flags, banners and table covers. The Sturgeon Bay, WI company however quickly shifted focus to creating fabric face masks and protective isolation gowns. FLS Banners is thrilled to have found a way to aid our national and local community by helping to protect front line personnel and the general public with isolation gowns and fabric masks designed to assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

    In breaking the stigma associated with wearing a mask, we’ve made a point to create custom printed face masks that showcase: creativity using local artists, humor using animal faces, fun patterns for kids, patriotic designs like, ‘Heroes Wear Scrubs’ and a multitude of creative categories. All designs help people choose to make a statement, bring a smile, or just laugh out loud. FLS Banners is helping break the barriers of awkward and potentially painful times by using this new found accessory for good.

    old-glory-usa-face-maskThe masks, recommended by the CDC, are custom printed using the same dyes used in our other printing process and that are approved by OEKO TEX. Over 70 custom designs are available to choose from! More than the creativity, we wanted our masks to fit like no other on the market. We dove into a rapid design and prototyping phase to create a contour shape that fits well and allows you to still move your jaw and be comfortable to wear all day. The result is our Fashion Contour Fabric Face mask that comes in three sizes ensuring a proper fit from kids, youths to adults.

    The mask material is made of high thread count 100% brushed polyester that is both durable and comfortable. We recommend that fabric masks be machine washed with detergent after use.

    Each face mask features an adjustable cord with a slide lock. This system was designed to ensure that younger children and those of us that are less flexible can easily put on the mask. The biggest benefit of the cord is all-day comfort. The number one complaint from people who have to wear masks is that their ears start hurting after a short time. The masks also feature an adjustable wire nose bridge for a custom fit. The adjustable bridge is a huge benefit if you wear glasses or need a tighter seal. The masks also have an insert pocket to allow additional filters to be inserted for extra protection.

    “We’re a group of people that like to get together and make things every day and we all get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a finished product. There is an additional level of satisfaction knowing that we are going to help some people that are really in need and help people overcome the new normal.” - Cain Goettelman (FLS Banners President)

    “Even before making the switch to PPE, FLS Banners was already considered essential.” - Local 5 ABC News - We Are Green Bay

    The FLS Banners team is hard at work producing these new products and developing new solutions to help the public during this unprecedented pandemic. We saw the need for PPE, especially gowns and masks, every night on the news to the point of frustration. Then it occurred to us that we use a film in our traditional business that might work for a gown. This started the process of testing and design. We were able to design and manufacture an effective disposable gown that was far superior to trash bags and other makeshift gear front line health care workers were resorting to. Our clients have told us these gowns are crucial to help protect first responders, EMS, fire, and rescue in addition to nurses and doctors. Finding a way to make a small difference helps our team to focus on energy enabling FLS Banners to make an impact on others during the pandemic.

    FLS Banners also continues to print banners, flags and popup tents for COVID-19 testing sites to aid in directing the flow of traffic, and therefore reducing patient exposure to the virus.

    FLS Banners Partners with The Milwaukee Mask Co.

    The Milwaukee Mask Co. is a member of the FLS family. Milwaukee Mask was the original name of the corporation when it was founded in 1974. Current family members decided it was time to revive Milwaukee Mask specifically to do what they do best, produce fun, stylish, and comfortable cloth face masks that people will want to wear.

    This exciting partnership will better help get these unique face masks to the public in their time of need. The Milwaukee Mask Co. and FLS Banners are thrilled with this new initiative.

    About FLS Banners

    FLS has been a trusted provider of custom table covers, flags, and banners for more than 40 years. Our knowledge, use of quality fabrics, and superior digital print techniques continue to make us the industry leader.

    Thanks to our vast printing experience, we help businesses create the professional impact they want, at a fraction of the cost of any other medium. We can accommodate simple, 1 or 2-color, personalized table cover designs through screen printing, as well as complex 3 or 4-color designs through dye-sub, digital printing. Our processes ensure high-quality personalized table covers at an affordable price.

    For more information on FLS Banners efforts please contact:

    Cain Goettelman
    920-743-3353 x0206
    254 Louisiana St
    Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

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  • custom fabric face mask from FLS BannersNormally, FLS Banners is known for making premium custom printed promotional products such as: trade show banners, feather flags, table covers, and tents; however, as the coronavirus situation has become increasingly dire, the company has shifted its focus to producing PPE and protective cloth face masks. FLS Banners wants to break down the stigma around fabric face masks by making a custom printed protective covering intended to help prevent the spread of germs and adds fun and style. With over 70 designs and counting, we’ve made recent headlines with these efforts.

    Why FLS Banners has Answered the Call

    Why would a fabric printing company be so well-positioned to produce materials to aid with the current pandemic? FLS Banners uses high-grade textiles in all of our products. This material is designed to withstand years of use, can be washed over and over again, and still maintain its integrity and color. The prints are produced using OEKO TEX approved dyes that can be commonly found in the apparel industry.

    To top it all off, FLS Banners works with one of the most efficient supply chains in their sector, which means that the company can continue to manufacture the necessary products as they are needed, and get them to the people who need them quickly.

    FLS Banners understands that we must all do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19. We found a way to help and it is our pleasure to help our national community. We are in this together!

    What the Press is Saying



    The NFIB Research Center’s latest survey on the current impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on small business shows continued deterioration of the small business sector. The severity of the outbreak and regulatory measures that cities and states are taking to control it are having a devastating impact on small businesses.

    Currently, 92% of small employers are negatively impacted by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, a continued escalation from 76% of small employers reporting negative impacts 10 days earlier. About 3% are positively impacted. These firms are likely experiencing stronger sales due to a sharp rise in demand for certain products, goods, and services. This will likely ease in the coming weeks as consumers feel more secure about their personal supply levels.

    “As the COVID-19 related funding flows out of Washington DC to the states, it is vitally important Wisconsin’s small business owners act promptly to secure financial assistance,” said Bill G. Smith, NFIB State Director in Wisconsin. “NFIB is encouraging members to apply as soon as possible since there is a funding cap on the Paycheck Protection Program, which small business owners can start applying for tomorrow.”

    In Sturgeon Bay, Cain Goettelman of FLS Banners wants to do the right thing. His business can produce isolation gowns, medical popup tents, hospital directional flags, and he has the supply network to order in millions of high quality and regular masks. His problem? City and state governments are having a hard time finding out how to order the supplies from his small business. Goettelman could get governments and hospitals 500,000 masks in a week plus thousands of isolation gowns. He says he’s made hundreds of calls but still can’t connect with the right people. He knows hospitals and governments are in need and he wants to help.

    On Monday, Goettelman decided to pivot and start producing much needed supplies without an order from a hospital or government. Frustrated by an image he saw on social media of a doctor wearing a garbage bag, his idea to produce level one hospital gowns is now in action. Working with one of his suppliers, Goettelman ordered a [plastic film] that he can cut in one piece, making it efficient to make: up to 1,200 per day with two shifts of 20 workers[.]

    “I’m turning over every stone I can to help during this health crisis. I know hospitals and governments are desperate to get supplies I just want to help. So do my employees. They are in 100% even though we are making a product we don’t have a buyer for. The market is broken. I am producing thousands of gowns per day and even though there is a mass shortage out there, I don’t have anyone to buy them. I don’t want to make a bunch of money. We just want to feel like we’re doing good during this time of unprecedented fear surrounding this health crisis.”

    Goettelman has also started producing “fashion masks” – named to take away the stigma surrounding surgical masks. Recently the city of LA started recommending its residents wear them and Goettelman thinks other cities will follow suit. He’s designed about 50 different masks.

    “I want to take this to a new level. You shouldn’t feel like you’re sick or have a scarlet letter on your chest if you decide to wear a mask. I want people to feel comfortable if they want to wear one.”

    Local 5 ABC News - We Are Green Bay

    STURGEON BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — When the Safer at Home order went into effect last month, FLS Banners was allowed to remain open as an essential business, but the company felt as if they needed to do more than making signs.

    “We didn’t feel like we were having an impact,” President Cain Goettelman explained.

    And so the banner printing company adjusted: “We shifted gears and figured out how to make an isolation gown that was in great need and then we saw this coming with the CDC that they were going to put the recommendation out that everybody wear a mask in public,” Goettelman said.

    They decided to make masks, but could see the potential hang-ups people might have.

    “My staff was like: ‘I’m never going to wear a mask, I’m not gonna wear a mask,'” Goettelman said, “and then we said, ‘Well, what would get you to wear a mask?'”

    Goettelman told Local 5 that the company decided to try to make the masks more appealing by making them customizable.

    “We’re trying to come up with the designs that people are gonna want to wear,” he said, “make it almost like a fashion accessory, not a scarlet letter on your face.”

    FLS Banners now has more than 60 designs available.

    Designing PPE wasn’t an easy shift for the shop.

    “To re-purpose equipment, re-calibrate it,” Goettelman said, “we had to figure out how to weld plastic, we had never done that before.”

    He told Local 5 that the changes were worth it, as soon as the masks were in production.

    “We’re a group of people that like to get together and make things every day,” he explained, “and we all get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a finished product. There is an additional level of satisfaction knowing that we are going to help some people that are really in need.”

    Even before making the switch to PPE, FLS was already considered essential.

    “This was really more a calling than a business decision,” Goettelman said.

    He explained that the calling was to help flatten the curve: “We can’t rely on the doctors to help make us better or the hospitals to cure us, we all have to do our part.”

    Door County Daily News

    A Sturgeon Bay business has gone from outdoor signage and flags to masks and gowns. FLS Banners made the transition earlier this week from trade show supplies to producing medical supplies to help with urgent needs for hospitals while still staying financially sustainable. Due to the cancellation of national trade shows and sporting events, which was FLS’s primary source of income, owner Cain Goettleman decisively acted on three fronts. He says his company’s experience in importing through a robust Asian supply-chain will allow the eventual production of NIOSH-Approved N95 masks very shortly. Secondly, Goettleman says his staff came up with a creative way to make level one medical gowns.

    Thirdly, Goettleman adds that FLS Banners has already come up with 40 personalized mask designs to help overcome the perceived stigma of wearing a mask in the U.S while helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The multi-size masks are reversible and designed to contour-fit your face with a wire-bridge.


    About the Personal Fabric Face Masks

    Our protective face masks are made with two-ply 100% polyester that is comfortable, breathable, and machine washable for reuse. The face masks, like all of our fabric products, are made right here in the USA. The soft brushed surface is so comfortable that you might forget you are wearing it. Our 70+ custom print designs use OEKO TEX approved dyes that are widely used for trusted apparel brands.

    The face masks are available in 3 sizes and include a wire nose bridge just like professional surgical masks. This means that you will be able to find a mask that properly fits you for optimal comfort and sealing protection. Each mask earloop uses fabric ties to avoid discomfort from pulling around your ears.

    In addition, the mask has a pocket for inserting an surgical mask or additional fabric for extra filtering.

    Best of all, these masks can be machine washed. We recommend you treat these like your underwear and wash after each use.

    SIZING: Small = Children / Medium = Teens and Most Women / Large = Most Males

    We encourage everyone to follow the recent CDC guidelines. Please help prevent the spread of germs and viruses and wear a mask even if you are not sick or have any symptoms.

    FLS Banners Face Mask Features:

    • Small = Children / Medium = Teens and Most Women / Large = Most Males
    • When in Doubt order up 1 size
    • The ultimate in personal expression
    • 2-Ply Mask with Internal Filter Pocket
    • Wire on Nose Bridge for improved fit and seal
    • 3 Sizes to ensure proper fit
    • Fabric Ties for all-day comfortable / No elastic around ears
    • Wear A Mask and Potentially Save Others
    • Due to the personal nature of this product returns are not accepted


    What’s Next for FLS Banners?

    As an essential business, FLS Banners is taking our responsibility to our community seriously. We will continue to make protective face masks and make them a fashion accessory that will encourage the public to wear for safety. We are also hard at work making NIOSH-approved N95 masks that will provide the maximum protection available for any mask in this category. Stay tuned for more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals, such as masks and gowns.

    Besides face masks, FLS Banners has also swiftly produced flags, banners, and tents for healthcare facilities to use in their time of need and take out, curbside delivery banners to restaurants to use in this time of need . These coronavirus signage are printed for drive through COVID-19 testing, reminding customers of maintaining social distancing guidelines by the CDC, and helpful take out and delivery signs for restaurants who are having to adjust with new guidelines.

    Questions? Contact Us

    We would like to remind you to please wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, stay home when possible, especially if you are sick.

    From all of us at FLS Banners, we wish you good health and peace of mind.

    Do you have questions about our products or have a specific need we can help fulfill? Contact our team, we are more than happy to help you in the face of these difficult circumstances.

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  • Does 2020 mean a trade show is on the docket for your business? If you’re preparing for the upcoming trade show season, you need to start planning early. It’s best to start your preparations about six months before the event, and tackle several steps along the way. Looking for trade show display products or fabric? Contact our pro team at FLS Banners, we would be happy to help you get the custom printed trade show products you need. With this handy trade show checklist, you can be confident that you are well prepared for your next event.

    Start Here: Planning 6 Months Out

    planning-trade-showAt the six month mark, you are ready to start planning your event. Here are the steps to take about six months before your event.

    1. Define your goal

      First, determine what you want to accomplish with your trade show. Decide three key objectives that you want to accomplish. These will be unique to your business.

    2. Set the budget

      Next, decide how much you are willing to spend to reach those goals. This will depend on the current state of your business, and it will drive the rest of your trade show preparation checklist, so be specific. Make sure you leave room for necessary promotional materials and booth materials.

    3. Book the show

      If you don’t already have a trade show venue, now is the time to start looking. 
      If you will have to travel distance to the show, check with the show website for deals on hotels and flights. Today many tradeshows book blocks of rooms and offer discount prices for booking through the show website. Also, check to see if there are any special requirements for getting your display into the show. If you are shipping directly to the show, your booth may have to arrive by a specific date to avoid extra fees.

    4. Start planning your booth

      Between five and six months before your first trade show, pull out your checklist for the exhibition booth. This gives you time to order tablecloths, backdrop displays, marketing materials, and other supplies to make your event successful. You will want to review your current display and make sure your key product/service is featured on at least one focal point in the booth. This is a great way to start a conversation with a current client and to draw prospects in.

    5. Order promotional items.

      About four months before the first trade show, put in your order for your promotional items, especially if you will be sending fliers or other notifications about your participation in the event. FLS Banners works with customers to deliver within even the shortest of deadlines. 
      Here are a few of our most popular items:

    6. Arrange travel

      As soon as you know the event date, start shopping for airline tickets or make other travel arrangements. If you are carrying your display with you sure to find out when setup starts. Many of our products require minimal setup time; however, you always want to leave yourself plenty of time to account for any unknowns. The worst thing that can happen is you finish early and you can spend the afternoon at the pool.

    7. Create a packing checklist.

      Determine the things you are going to need for every trade show, and make a written trade show booth checklist. Don’t forget things like first aid supplies, tape, and extension cords.

    Getting Closer: One Month to 2 Weeks Out

    order-trade-show-suppliesAs the trade show gets closer, your trade show planning checklist gets busier. Here are some things to put on your “to do” list as you move within two weeks of the event.

    1. Double-check your trade show checklist

      Pull it out and make sure there aren’t any things you have overlooked.

    2. Check your trade show booth materials

      Make sure everything is in good working order and does not need to be repaired. Missing anything? Reach out to FLS Banners and we can get you the printed table covers or banners ASAP.

    3. Start staff training

      Talk with the people who will be manning your booth to ensure they are aware of what their objectives are.

    4. Order printed literature

      It takes about a week to have promotional materials printed locally, so order early so you have time to make changes, if needed.

    5. Prepare lead packets

      Have packets of information to hand to leads at the trade show.

      Almost Time: 1 Week to the Day Before

      Pack your bag
      Pull out the trade show planning checklist you made earlier, and make sure all of the items are packed inside a bag.

    6. Prepare a document packet.

      You will want contact information for local vendors, staff that will be coming with you and staying behind, and contact information for your accommodations and the venue itself. If you need art or files to print more promotional materials if you run out, add this to your document packet. Have both digital and paper options with you.

    7. Send your trade show materials ahead

      If you aren’t bringing you trade show materials with you personally, send them ahead and verify their arrival.

    8. Make a checklist for trade show exhibitors.

      If you are sending someone else to do the trade show, make sure they are armed with a trade show booth checklist that has all of the details they will need to set up, display, and take down your trade show materials.

    Showtime: The Day Of

    1. trade-show-event Arrive at the venue early.

      Make sure you have plenty of time to set up your booth. You may run into unexpected problems, like needing a longer extension cord, so do not cut yourself short on time. Plan for traffic and getting lost if you are showing at a new venue.

    2. Consult the trade show setup checklist.

      This will help ensure you do not forget a critical component of your booth setup and design.

    3. Show your stuff.

      You’ve spent the last six months planning. Now’s your time to shine. Since you used a checklist for trade show exhibitors, you will be well prepared to do your best.

    Follow-Up: After the Show

    1. Pack things up carefully.

      When the show is done, take the time to pack carefully so you do not damage your trade show materials and booth supplies.

    2. Follow up.

      Gather the information from the leads you made. Plan your follow up, whether it is phone calls, emails, or letters. If you have a sales team, pass those leads on to the sales team to start the follow-up process.

    3. Evaluate your costs.

      Add up what you spent and compare it to the budget you set. Was your budget accurate? Were there areas you could save money? How could you improve for future trade shows?

    4. Evaluate your trade show checklist.

      Was there something missing from your trade show exhibitor checklist? Did you forget to pack something that should be added to your checklist for exhibition booths? What mistakes could have been avoided with better planning? Add to or take away from your trade show planning checklist as needed.

    Prepare for Your Trade Show Booth with the Right Products

    A critical part of your trade show booth checklist is the materials you use for your booth. From tablecloths to the displays themselves, you can’t have a successful trade show without the right exhibition supplies. 

    Do you need advice on selecting promotional items for your event booth? FLS Banners offers many options for table covers, banner flags, backdrop displays, and more. 

    Table Covers - Choose from 4ft, 6ft, or 8ft table cloths, then choose your table cover style: fitted, open back, closed back, stretch or contour, adjustable, or table runners.

    Flags - Feather or banner flags are available in small, medium, or large sizes. Flag shapes include convex, concave, teardrop, or swooper. Flag poles, stands, and carry bags are available!

    Banners/Displays - Banner displays can be essential to any event booth. Let us help you design the perfect backdrop for your next event. We offer retractable banners, pop up banners, as well as stands, mounting hardware, and durable carry bags.

    Display Kits and Event Tents - Save time and select from our booth display kits that can be custom printed to your specifications. Add your logo and designs to backdrops, banners, and table covers. For outdoor events, make your booth complete with a custom-printed tent to match your tablecloth.

    FLS Banners has a huge selection of trade show booth products for your next event. Check them out as you prepare your checklist today! 

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  • When it comes to tables for displays and trade shows, 6-foot and 8-foot tables are the most popular sizes. These large tables provide plenty of room to showcase your product and display materials. When you need a platform for your brand at a convention or exhibition, these table cover sizes are likely the best options.

    To make your trade show area stand out, you will need the right custom tablecloth to make your booth pop! If you have 8-foot or 6-foot tables, FLS Banners same size table covers that will add a professional look with all over printing or simple custom logo printing to ensure quality branding and advertising.

    Why use six-foot tables? Six-foot tables are a popular table size for display and trade show booths. They are long enough for most displays, yet petite enough to fit well in a smaller booth area, these tables are commonly used for events of all types. The average trade show booth space is 10’x10’. A 6’ table will fit nicely in this space with room for attendees to be welcomed in, not passing you by.. If you have extra space than 10 feet, an 8 foot table should work wonderfully, giving you more surface area to show off your promotional items.

    The final piece that will make your trade show booth and tables look professional and complete is a custom printed table cover. Now that you have your size, let’s pick your custom table cloth style! From fitted, to draped or contour, all of our covers are fully customizable with full-color logo printing, so you can showcase your brand in style.

    What Size Table Cover for a 6-Foot Table?

    6-foot-table-coverThe size of your 6-foot table cover will vary depending on the cut and the type of fabric used. In general, a 6-foot table requires a 70-inch by 108-inch tablecloth, which will reach about to the floor. At FLS Banners, we cut our custom tablecloths to fit the standard 30-inch tall tables, as well as bar height and demo or counter height tables. They are designed to hang an inch above the floor, so they will come from the tabletop to the floor without actually dragging. This gives you a professional look and will hide items stored below the table but without being frustratingly long. This also protects them from bunching, which hurts the overall look of the tablecloth and keeps them from getting dirty.

    Uses for 6-Foot Table Covers

    Six-foot tables are used for many different purposes, but you can often find these tables as part of trade show displays. They may pop up in stores showcasing a particular sale item. Schools may use them to display after-school clubs or other extra-curricular activities in the hallway to entice students to sign up. No matter where they are used, they all have one thing in common, and that is the need for a cover. If you want your cover to be personalized and professional, choose a custom option from FLS Banners.

    Types of 6-Foot and 8-Foot Table Cover Styles

    At FLS Banners, we understand that different companies have different goals for the look of their branding materials. That’s why we offer many different types of tables when you’re in the market for 6-foot or 8-foot table covers. Whether you want a fitted, modern look or a traditional draped look, you will find something to fit. Some of our options include:

    Fitted – Fitted table covers fit snugly around the top of the table. This seamless look falls in a straight line from the tabletop to the floor, creating a box-like appearance. It does not have wrinkles or seams, so the entire look is streamlined. This allows your logo to stand out.

    Contour – Contour table covers are made from stretchy fabric that pulls taut across the table and legs. This creates a contoured look that is quite modern and chic. It can help your tables to stand out because it’s slightly different from the standard look commonly used.

    Throw and Drapes – Throw and drape table covers envelope the table on three sides, leaving the back open. They drape across the front and sides, so they do create some folds and draping. These are a great choice if you will be storing items under your table that you need access to throughout your event. Drapes and throws fit loosely over the table, giving you the traditional draped tablecloth look. These are available as either seamless or traditional options, depending on the look you want for your display.

    Runners – Runners sit on top of your tablecloths to display your logo. These are a more economical option if you already have plain tablecloths and want a custom printed option, but don’t want to replace the entire tablecloth.

    What Size Table Cover for an 8-Foot Table?

    8-foot-table-coverWhen buying a table cover, you want it to be long enough to extend the length of the table and hang over the sides to completely cover to the floor, but you don’t want it to drag on the floor. You also don’t want to come up short, because it’s helpful to be able to store some items below the table during your event. At FLS Banners, we stock 8-foot table covers designed for 96-inch long tables.

    The material your table cover is made from and the amount of stretch that material has will dictate how long it needs to be. Typically, a table cover to cover an 8-foot table needs to measure 70 inches by 126 inches. At FLS Banners, we cut our table covers to measure 29 inches from top to bottom, so they perfectly cover a standard 8-foot table measuring 30 inches from floor to tabletop without dragging on the floor. In addition to the 30 inch height, we also offer bar height and demo height 8-foot table covers.

    Uses for 8-Foot Table Covers

    Table covers and table runners have many potential uses. Trade show booths are rarely complete without a table cover that brings the look together. Table covers with your logo can also be put out at parties, for sale displays, and at other events where you might be marketing. Custom Tablecloths create a pulled-together, finished look that keeps your brand consistent as you strive to keep your branding consistent, no matter what type of event you are heading to.

    Types of 8 Foot Table Covers

    At FLS Banners, we understand that size is not your only consideration when shopping for 8-foot table covers. That’s why we offer a wide variety of table covers for your consideration. Each is available with full-color printing of your logo or other design, so you can showcase your product or service well at your next event. Here is a closer look at the 8-foot table cover options available at FLS Banners

    Shop 8-Foot and 6-Foot Table Covers Now!

    If your business has 6-foot or 8-foot tables for your display and trade show booths, you need the right covers. Custom printed covers with your logo will help your display stand out in a crowded trade show or other event. FLS Banners have many different styles and colors to choose from. Start shopping today, and add custom printed 6-foot and 8-foot table covers to your display.

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  • Demo season is here! Now is the time to prepare for demos, exhibitions, events, and tradeshows. If you are looking for the perfect tablecloth for your upcoming show, FLS Banners has everything you need. We provide experienced support, plentiful color options, an easy custom logo process, as well as various fabric and style options. No need to stress about getting your custom logo tablecloth made in time, we are here to get you the professional look you’ve been searching for.

    What Size Table Cover for a 4-Foot Table Table?

    4-foot fitted tablecoverTo adequately cover a 4-foot table, the type and cut of the fabric often determines how well it will fit. Typically, 4 Foot Table Covers fit folding tables with standard dimensions of 48” long, 24” wide, by 36" high. Getting the best fit table cover for your table will ensure that your custom logo and graphics are displayed properly and the sides of the cover lay out smoothly. A great fit can also prevent the ends from dragging on the floor and bunching.

    Why Choose a 4 Foot Table for Events?

    Four foot table covers are compact enough to save precious space at an event, but offers ample room for a table cover, promotional materials, or showing off a product. 4-foot tables can be either demo height, rising about waist high, or bar height, which rises about midriff. Demo height tables are perfect for showing off a product or laying out promotional materials. Bar height tables create a welcoming aesthetic for sparking conversation at a tradeshow. Combined with a custom table cover, the bar height table cover is a great networking tool.

    It’s important to find the right table cover size for a 4’ table cover. There are many sizes of table covers available from FLS Banners. With so many options, it may be a challenge to decide what size table cover you need. With this in mind, if you are looking for a table cover for your next event, here is a helpful overview of the benefits of 4’ table covers:

    Uses for 4-Foot Table Covers

    Imagine the demo tables used at Costco or small tables used at conventions, these are the type of tables that would be perfect for 4-foot covers. These types of tables can also be bar-height tables perfect for standing around. These table covers are the perfect match for these kinds of tables. 4-foot table covers are also great for displaying your logo at a convention, trade show, or school events.

    Types of 4-Foot Table Covers

    4-foot bar height tablecoverFLS Banners is committed to providing professionals with the options they need for whatever situation arises. Besides custom printing options for your own designs, FLS Banners also provides several fabrics, and various styles of table covers. Here are the 4’ table cover styles we offer:

    Fitted - This style fits snugly around the top of the table. The fitted table cover gives your table a squared-off, seamless look that will appear sleek and professional.

    Stretch - To create a contoured look, contour table covers are made of stretch material to conform to the shape of your table. The stretch contour cover eliminates wrinkles loose ends.

    Throw and Drapes - For quick and simple cover solution, a table cover throw is the easy answer. The throw is designed to cover the table on three sides with some draping and folding. The traditional table drape has a loose fit and is available in seamed or seamless options. The table drape is essentially a custom tablecloth for your event.

    Runners - Named for how they run across the length of a table, table runners cover only two sides of a table. They offer a simple solution that gives your table a decorative flair.

    Shop 4-Foot Table Covers Now!

    If you plan to use a 4-foot table for your trade show or other display needs, FLS Banners has you covered. We have many tablecloth options to fit this standard length made from popular fabric options, including linen and polyester. Shop now to find four-foot table covers that will work for your needs, and enjoy the benefits of custom, full-color printing on your trade show booth table covers.

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  • When you are looking to design a custom table cover that fits your branding and stands out from the crowd, the style of the table cover matters just as much as the color of the cover and the printed logo design. While there are several styles of table covers available, fitted table covers and contour table covers are some of the most popular. But what is the difference between fitted and contour covers? Which is right for you?

    Benefits of Fitted Table Covers

    Table covers that are fitted are made to perfectly fit a certain table dimension. The fabric is stitched so that each side of the table is covered, but remains comparatively loose over each side. Fitted table covers retain the look of a traditional fitted tablecloth but eliminates the wrinkles that often plague standard drapes. As opposed to contour covers, which are made to stretch over a table, fitted table covers are intended to drape over the table similar to a tablecloth.

    Benefits of Contour Table Covers

    Contour table covers are also known as stretch table covers. This is because they are made of flexible polyester fabric as to stretch over the entirety of a table. The contour shape of this kind of table cover shows off your logo or design very well. Unlike the fitted table cover, the stretch table cover can fit more variety of rectangular tables, rather than a specific size.

    Other Styles of Table Covers

    While contour and fitted table covers are popular choices, there are many styles of table covers available.

    Table Throws - These covers can be custom printed and loosely fit over a table.

    Table Runners - Table runners are essentially two-sided table covers that run the length of the table.

    Open Back Table Covers - These types of table covers cover three sides of the table while leaving the back open for easy access under the trade show table.

    All table covers made by FLS Banners are flame retardant and have many full color options. Our dye-sublimation process makes it easy for you to add your logo and build a custom table cover printed to your specifications.

    Which Table Cover Style is Right for You?

    So now that we have gone over a few basics, you should have a better idea of which table cover is right for your needs. If you still aren't sure, reach out to our support team for more information. They are here to answer your questions and help set you up for your next trade show or event. Shop table cover styles now!

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  • When you choose a table cover for your next trade show event, the fabric you choose is the foundation of the overall design. You need a table cover fabric that is durable and easy to clean, and also can benefit from one that minimizes wrinkles.

    FLS Banners provides the options for not only custom printing and styles, but multiple fabric options as well. These different fabric options allow each table cover to be more flexible and adaptable to your specific needs. Here is how to decide between table cover fabrics.

    Why Does Table Cover Fabric Matter?

    The fabric you choose for your table cover will impact its appearance and the way it fits on the table. Different table cover fabrics differ resistance to wrinkling in storage.. Both of these can make your setup time longer or shorter, depending on the cover you choose.

    In addition, certain fabrics display printing more clearly and hold up better under multiple uses. Some fabrics have a high level of stretch, so you can pull them tight across the table, while others are designed to drape the table for an entirely different look. Finally, some fabrics are flame retardant under the NPFA 701 standard, which can be important depending on the requirements of the particular venue you are using.

    As you research your table cover fabric options, make sure you consider the look you want and the way you will use your tablecloths. Make a list of the features that are most important to you, whether that be easy folding, fire retardant, or a fitted or draped look. Use that list to narrow down your options as you select a tablecloth or your next event.

    Types of Table Cover Fabric

    At FLS Banners, we know that the right table cover fabric is going to be different from one person to the next. We have a selection of options for your consideration. Each one has its own benefits to consider, so make sure you weigh the options carefully. Keep in mind, each type of fabric used by FLS Banners is designed for longevity and are wrinkle-resistant. The fabric used is highly complementary to our quality dye-sublimation printing process. The bright colors will leave an impact on an audience. Here are the two main types of fabric we use for tablecloths at FLS Banners:

    trade-show-premium-fabric-table-coverTrade Show Certified Premium Fabric

    By far our most popular fabric, this the  FR Knit Polyester. This lightweight material resists wrinkles well, and it’s flame retardant. Meeting the NFPA 701 small scale test requirements helps ensures your table cover will meet your venue’s flame retardant requirement.. Even though it’s lightweight and soft, Trade Show Certified Premium Fabric is quite durable, and it will withstand use after use. The knit polyester is easy to store when you’re not at a show, and it looks great on the table. Knit polyester fabric is best suited for draped or standard fitted covers.

    contour-stretch-table-coverContour Stretch

    When your display esthetic calls for  a more modern, the contour stretch table cover is what you need.  The contour stretch fabric allows the table cover to fit snugly around your table. This gives your display a smooth, sleek look.  Contour table covers are ideal for multiple location imprints or designs that utilize the full cover. 

    Find the Right Table Cover from Our Large Selection

    At FLS Banners, we have chosen the best possible fabrics for your table covers. We want your exhibit table to be an asset to your next event, and that starts with the right table cover. If you’re having trouble deciding which fabric is right for you, our team is ready to help you choose. Give us a call to discuss your needs, and we will point you in the right direction. You can also browse our available products online to learn more about our fabrics and how they could make your display table truly shine.

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  • Feather flags are a great way to draw attention to your business and its offerings, both indoors and outdoors, but to get the full use out of them, you will need some feather flag accessories. From hardware to bags and even spikes to keep them in the ground, FLS Banners has the right accessories you can use to get full use out of your feather flags.

    Feather Flag Poles

    In order to display your feather flags, you will need feather flag poles to hold them. These run from the ground to the top of the pole and help the flag keep its shape and display well. We have small poles(8 to 10.5 foot), medium poles (12 to 14 foot), and large poles (16 to 17 foot) for your consideration.

    Small 8’ Pole (Small)feather-flag-bag-and-poles

    Medium 12’ Pole (Medium)

    Large 16’ Pole (Large)


    Feather Flag Bases

    Next, you will need a base to hold the flag steady, even in strong winds. The type of base you need will vary depending on where you will display your flag.

    For indoor use, an x-base is a good option. The x-base is x-shaped and lightweight, so you can easily move the flag from place to place. However, it is not very strong against the wind. If you need versatility to use flags indoors and outdoors, we offer water bags for x-bases. These add some weight to the x-base, so it can be used outdoors as well. You can order the x-base and water bag as a combo as well.

    If you will be using your flags outdoors, consider a ground spike base. These anchor the flag into dir


    t or grass securely in the ground, giving it a strong foundation.

    A heavy water base is another good choice for both indoor and outdoor use. These bases are filled with water to provide durability in wind and traffic, then can be drained for transport to the next event or location.

    Ground Stake


    Water Bag 

    X-Stand/Water Bag Combo

    Water Base

    Don't Forget the Feather Flag Carry Bag

    Feather flags are designed to be portable, and you need to protect them when moving from one location to the next. A feather flag carry bag provides that protection. Designed to fit the flag and your feather flag accessories, these bags will help you get where you need to easily.

    Feather flag hardware and accessories are important to fully enjoying your feather flags. Get the supplies you need for your promotional feather banners from FLS Banners today.

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  • feather-flags-indoor-useCustom feather flags have many uses outdoors. They’re often seen lining festivals, alongside car dealerships, or in front of stores, highlighting an important sale or other event. Yet that’s just one use of feather flags. Feather flags work well for indoor events as well. They create an eye-catching display that will draw attention to an area of a facility. Whether you are setting up for a trade show or are hoping to draw attention to a particular area of your business, like a sale area or a product you are trying to promote, custom feather flags work quite well for indoor purposes. FLS Banners has several high-quality, custom printed feather banners and flags for your consideration, and all are excellent choices for indoor use.

    Why Use Feather Flags Indoors?

    Feather flags have many purposes inside your business or at an indoor event. Just as when used outdoors, they draw attention exactly where it is needed. These flags stand above the heads of most guests or customers, so they are easily seen from anywhere in the building.

    Each flag is made with a premium fabric that is designed to be long-lasting and can withstand wet and windy conditions. The vibrant custom printing and stand-out frame design means that feather flags will be right at home either outside or indoors.

    Custom feather flags tell visitors that there’s something interesting to see or experience in a particular area of a building. If you’re in a convention or trade show, they draw the eyes of guests to your booth instead of the competition. In your own building, they can showcase an area where you want to get more foot traffic.

    Why should you use feather flags indoors? They are an eye-catching option that’s both affordable and simple to create. They are reusable, so you can use them again and again for one trade show and then the next. They are also simple to put up and take down.

    Indoor Versus Outdoor Use of Feather Banners and Flags

    Indoor use and outdoor use of fabric feather banners are typically for the same reason. The goal is to draw attention to something, and the flags do that very well. However, certain features of custom feather flags from FLS Banners make them work better than other brands when used indoors.

    For example, portability is an important feature when using these indoors. Our custom feather banners are lightweight and have lighter stand options, so they are easy to move from spot to spot. Also, flag stands with arms that keep the flag stretched tight, so it is noticeable with or without wind, are importation when using the flag indoors. You need to ensure that the flag is always upright and visible, and can’t rely on wind to keep it up. We have several fabric banner options that feature this design.

    Indoor Mounts for Feather Banners

    When using feather banners and flags indoors, you won’t have access to the ground to put a stake into, so you need a different mount to keep the flag upright. Since indoor environments don’t have wind to deal with, you don’t need to anchor the flags to the ground, but you do need to use something to ensure they don’t tip over. The two best options for indoor feather flag mounts are x-stands and water bases.

    X-stands provide a stable surface with a crossed design that is just enough to balance the flag and keep it in place. These are easy to move should you need to move your display to another part of the facility. Add an optional water bag that wraps around the x-base for extra weight and stability. This makes the x-base more flexible for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Water bases are square bases filled with water to keep the flag in place and upright. They work both indoors and outdoors, and are a bit more difficult to move than an x-base. These are ideal in high traffic areas where the flags may get bumped, but when you don’t need to move the flag very often.

    If you’re unsure which type of base is right for you, FLS Banners can help. Either one will be a great option for indoor use, and the choice will depend largely on how often you need to move the flag.

    Order a Custom Feather Flag Kit Today!

    Cooler weather may be coming, which means fewer outdoor events, but you can still benefit from custom feather flags. Reach out to the team at FLS Banners today to get started on your custom feather flag kit. We have made the design process simple, and ship lightning fast, so you can have your new feather flag banner order in no time. Contact us today to start the process.

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