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  • When you are looking to design a custom table cover that fits your branding and stands out from the crowd, the style of the table cover matters just as much as the color of the cover and the printed logo design. While there are several styles of table covers available, fitted table covers and contour table covers are some of the most popular. But what is the difference between fitted and contour covers? Which is right for you?

    Benefits of Fitted Table Covers

    Table covers that are fitted are made to perfectly fit a certain table dimension. The fabric is stitched so that each side of the table is covered, but remains comparatively loose over each side. Fitted table covers retain the look of a traditional fitted tablecloth but eliminates the wrinkles that often plague standard drapes. As opposed to contour covers, which are made to stretch over a table, fitted table covers are intended to drape over the table similar to a tablecloth.

    Benefits of Contour Table Covers

    Contour table covers are also known as stretch table covers. This is because they are made of flexible polyester fabric as to stretch over the entirety of a table. The contour shape of this kind of table cover shows off your logo or design very well. Unlike the fitted table cover, the stretch table cover can fit more variety of rectangular tables, rather than a specific size.

    Other Styles of Table Covers

    While contour and fitted table covers are popular choices, there are many styles of table covers available.

    Table Throws - These covers can be custom printed and loosely fit over a table.

    Table Runners - Table runners are essentially two-sided table covers that run the length of the table.

    Open Back Table Covers - These types of table covers cover three sides of the table while leaving the back open for easy access under the trade show table.

    All table covers made by FLS Banners are flame retardant and have many full color options. Our dye-sublimation process makes it easy for you to add your logo and build a custom table cover printed to your specifications.

    Which Table Cover Style is Right for You?

    So now that we have gone over a few basics, you should have a better idea of which table cover is right for your needs. If you still aren't sure, reach out to our support team for more information. They are here to answer your questions and help set you up for your next trade show or event. Shop table cover styles now!

  • When you choose a table cover for your next trade show event, the fabric you choose is the foundation of the overall design. You need a table cover fabric that is durable and easy to clean, and also can benefit from one that minimizes wrinkles.

    FLS Banners provides the options for not only custom printing and styles, but multiple fabric options as well. These different fabric options allow each table cover to be more flexible and adaptable to your specific needs. Here is how to decide between table cover fabrics.

    Why Does Table Cover Fabric Matter?

    The fabric you choose for your table cover will impact its appearance and the way it fits on the table. Different table cover fabrics differ resistance to wrinkling in storage.. Both of these can make your setup time longer or shorter, depending on the cover you choose.

    In addition, certain fabrics display printing more clearly and hold up better under multiple uses. Some fabrics have a high level of stretch, so you can pull them tight across the table, while others are designed to drape the table for an entirely different look. Finally, some fabrics are flame retardant under the NPFA 701 standard, which can be important depending on the requirements of the particular venue you are using.

    As you research your table cover fabric options, make sure you consider the look you want and the way you will use your tablecloths. Make a list of the features that are most important to you, whether that be easy folding, fire retardant, or a fitted or draped look. Use that list to narrow down your options as you select a tablecloth or your next event.

    Types of Table Cover Fabric

    At FLS Banners, we know that the right table cover fabric is going to be different from one person to the next. We have a selection of options for your consideration. Each one has its own benefits to consider, so make sure you weigh the options carefully. Keep in mind, each type of fabric used by FLS Banners is designed for longevity and are wrinkle-resistant. The fabric used is highly complementary to our quality dye-sublimation printing process. The bright colors will leave an impact on an audience. Here are the two main types of fabric we use for tablecloths at FLS Banners:

    trade-show-premium-fabric-table-coverTrade Show Certified Premium Fabric

    By far our most popular fabric, this the  FR Knit Polyester. This lightweight material resists wrinkles well, and it’s flame retardant. Meeting the NFPA 701 small scale test requirements helps ensures your table cover will meet your venue’s flame retardant requirement.. Even though it’s lightweight and soft, Trade Show Certified Premium Fabric is quite durable, and it will withstand use after use. The knit polyester is easy to store when you’re not at a show, and it looks great on the table. Knit polyester fabric is best suited for draped or standard fitted covers.

    contour-stretch-table-coverContour Stretch

    When your display esthetic calls for  a more modern, the contour stretch table cover is what you need.  The contour stretch fabric allows the table cover to fit snugly around your table. This gives your display a smooth, sleek look.  Contour table covers are ideal for multiple location imprints or designs that utilize the full cover. 

    Find the Right Table Cover from Our Large Selection

    At FLS Banners, we have chosen the best possible fabrics for your table covers. We want your exhibit table to be an asset to your next event, and that starts with the right table cover. If you’re having trouble deciding which fabric is right for you, our team is ready to help you choose. Give us a call to discuss your needs, and we will point you in the right direction. You can also browse our available products online to learn more about our fabrics and how they could make your display table truly shine.

  • Feather flags are a great way to draw attention to your business and its offerings, both indoors and outdoors, but to get the full use out of them, you will need some feather flag accessories. From hardware to bags and even spikes to keep them in the ground, FLS Banners has the right accessories you can use to get full use out of your feather flags.

    Feather Flag Poles

    In order to display your feather flags, you will need feather flag poles to hold them. These run from the ground to the top of the pole and help the flag keep its shape and display well. We have small poles(8 to 10.5 foot), medium poles (12 to 14 foot), and large poles (16 to 17 foot) for your consideration.

    Small 8’ Pole (Small)feather-flag-bag-and-poles

    Medium 12’ Pole (Medium)

    Large 16’ Pole (Large)


    Feather Flag Bases

    Next, you will need a base to hold the flag steady, even in strong winds. The type of base you need will vary depending on where you will display your flag.

    For indoor use, an x-base is a good option. The x-base is x-shaped and lightweight, so you can easily move the flag from place to place. However, it is not very strong against the wind. If you need versatility to use flags indoors and outdoors, we offer water bags for x-bases. These add some weight to the x-base, so it can be used outdoors as well. You can order the x-base and water bag as a combo as well.

    If you will be using your flags outdoors, consider a ground spike base. These anchor the flag into dir


    t or grass securely in the ground, giving it a strong foundation.

    A heavy water base is another good choice for both indoor and outdoor use. These bases are filled with water to provide durability in wind and traffic, then can be drained for transport to the next event or location.

    Ground Stake


    Water Bag 

    X-Stand/Water Bag Combo

    Water Base

    Don't Forget the Feather Flag Carry Bag

    Feather flags are designed to be portable, and you need to protect them when moving from one location to the next. A feather flag carry bag provides that protection. Designed to fit the flag and your feather flag accessories, these bags will help you get where you need to easily.

    Feather flag hardware and accessories are important to fully enjoying your feather flags. Get the supplies you need for your promotional feather banners from FLS Banners today.

  • feather-flags-indoor-useCustom feather flags have many uses outdoors. They’re often seen lining festivals, alongside car dealerships, or in front of stores, highlighting an important sale or other event. Yet that’s just one use of feather flags. Feather flags work well for indoor events as well. They create an eye-catching display that will draw attention to an area of a facility. Whether you are setting up for a trade show or are hoping to draw attention to a particular area of your business, like a sale area or a product you are trying to promote, custom feather flags work quite well for indoor purposes. FLS Banners has several high-quality, custom printed feather banners and flags for your consideration, and all are excellent choices for indoor use.

    Why Use Feather Flags Indoors?

    Feather flags have many purposes inside your business or at an indoor event. Just as when used outdoors, they draw attention exactly where it is needed. These flags stand above the heads of most guests or customers, so they are easily seen from anywhere in the building.

    Each flag is made with a premium fabric that is designed to be long-lasting and can withstand wet and windy conditions. The vibrant custom printing and stand-out frame design means that feather flags will be right at home either outside or indoors.

    Custom feather flags tell visitors that there’s something interesting to see or experience in a particular area of a building. If you’re in a convention or trade show, they draw the eyes of guests to your booth instead of the competition. In your own building, they can showcase an area where you want to get more foot traffic.

    Why should you use feather flags indoors? They are an eye-catching option that’s both affordable and simple to create. They are reusable, so you can use them again and again for one trade show and then the next. They are also simple to put up and take down.

    Indoor Versus Outdoor Use of Feather Banners and Flags

    Indoor use and outdoor use of fabric feather banners are typically for the same reason. The goal is to draw attention to something, and the flags do that very well. However, certain features of custom feather flags from FLS Banners make them work better than other brands when used indoors.

    For example, portability is an important feature when using these indoors. Our custom feather banners are lightweight and have lighter stand options, so they are easy to move from spot to spot. Also, flag stands with arms that keep the flag stretched tight, so it is noticeable with or without wind, are importation when using the flag indoors. You need to ensure that the flag is always upright and visible, and can’t rely on wind to keep it up. We have several fabric banner options that feature this design.

    Indoor Mounts for Feather Banners

    When using feather banners and flags indoors, you won’t have access to the ground to put a stake into, so you need a different mount to keep the flag upright. Since indoor environments don’t have wind to deal with, you don’t need to anchor the flags to the ground, but you do need to use something to ensure they don’t tip over. The two best options for indoor feather flag mounts are x-stands and water bases.

    X-stands provide a stable surface with a crossed design that is just enough to balance the flag and keep it in place. These are easy to move should you need to move your display to another part of the facility. Add an optional water bag that wraps around the x-base for extra weight and stability. This makes the x-base more flexible for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Water bases are square bases filled with water to keep the flag in place and upright. They work both indoors and outdoors, and are a bit more difficult to move than an x-base. These are ideal in high traffic areas where the flags may get bumped, but when you don’t need to move the flag very often.

    If you’re unsure which type of base is right for you, FLS Banners can help. Either one will be a great option for indoor use, and the choice will depend largely on how often you need to move the flag.

    Order a Custom Feather Flag Kit Today!

    Cooler weather may be coming, which means fewer outdoor events, but you can still benefit from custom feather flags. Reach out to the team at FLS Banners today to get started on your custom feather flag kit. We have made the design process simple, and ship lightning fast, so you can have your new feather flag banner order in no time. Contact us today to start the process.

  • feather-flag-designFeather flags are highly effective at drawing attention to trade show booths, events, and outdoor facilities, but they do require careful designing to be as effective as possible. If you’re in charge of planning your feather banners, you’ll want to consider some important design elements that will make the final project as effective as possible.

    Designing a Custom Feather Flag

    Designing a custom feather flag with FLS Banners is not difficult. We have streamlined the process to make it as simple as possible, and are here to help you when you need it.

    Choose the Size and Shape

    First, you must choose the feather banner style and size that works best for your needs. Custom feather flags come in six different shapes, which include:

    These flags also vary in size from 8 feet to 16 feet tall. Consider the purpose of your flag, and choose one that fits.

    Design the Flag

    Next, design and submit your custom artwork. Remember to keep the overall design simple. In your design, you will need to consider the text, imaging, and colors.

    For text, you will typically add the text vertically, so the viewer reads from top to bottom. Remember, the goal of a feather flag is to grab attention and quickly deliver a message, so this is not the place for a large block of text. No more than seven words, some contact information, and your logo is sufficient for text.

    As you make your custom design, carefully consider the colors. You want attention-grabbing colors that contrast well with each other. Your custom designs should include your carefully considered brand and logo colors.

    Finally, if your flag will contain an image, keep it simple. One attention-grabbing image has more impact than several on a feather flag design.

    Choose Your Accessories

    Finally, decide which accessories you need. This might include a ground stake, x-base, or water base, depending on where you will display your flag. You will also want a pole. Consider choosing a kit that includes the pole and base with the flag.

    Single-Sided Feather Flags vs. Double-Sided Feather Flags

    Feather flags can be either single-sided or double-sided. Some designers will use double-sided flags, placing one part of the message on one side, and the other part on the reverse. Single-sided flags have one design, and ensures everyone who sees it gets the same message. They are placed so the printed side faces the viewer, eliminating the need for double-sided printing.

    Are you looking for help designing your custom feather banner or feather flag? FLS Banners is ready to assist. We have streamlined our design process to make it as easy as possible. Design your own custom feather flag today with help from FLS Banners. Shop today for your custom feather flags.

  • feather-flags-boost-visibilityIf you are investing in a custom marketing product, you need to know that the custom product is working. Custom feather flags are an affordable marketing tool, but you may wonder if they are effective. Here is a closer look at these flags, how you can use them, and how to boost your visibility more effectively with feather flags.

    What Are Feather Flags?

    Feather flags are narrow, tall flags that businesses place around trade show booths, events, and properties to draw attention quickly to something they wish to advertise. They can also be known as feather banners. Feather flags hold minimal text and imaging, but move with the wind to grab attention of passers by either indoor or outdoor. They are also known as flutter flags, sail flags, razor flags, and wind flags. Each feather banner is attached to a pole and can be several feet high in varied heights for an impressive overall look. Each pole has a number of base options to firmly plant the feather flag to the ground. FLS Banners offers ground stakes, x-bases, water bases, and more. When used effectively, feather banners can be very helpful marketing tools.

    How to Use Feather Flags to Maximize Visibility

    Feather flags can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, but to make them as effective as possible, you need to select the right size, style, and accessories for your specific needs. FLS Banners offers a number of base options that are compatible with all poles used for feather banners.

    Banner Flag Location

    First, choose your location carefully. You want to put your flag in a place where many people will be walking or driving past it. This may be at the opening of our booth or your business. It may be along a major road. The location will depend on where your business is located and what your goal is, but make sure it’s visible.

    You can also place flags near items you want to draw attention to, such as an item that is on sale or a part of your business facility where you want to draw extra attention, like a sale area of your store or an event registration desk. Feather flags will grab attention, so place them where it is needed.

    One of the benefits of custom feather flags is the fact that they are easy to move. If your needs change, simply move your flag to a new location to draw attention to the right item.

    Banner Flag Design

    Next, design your feather or banner flag carefully. The design of your banner can increase its effectiveness significantly. First, choose colors in line with your business's branding. If you have a signature color scheme, that must be used. Second, use an image or logo that is in line with your branding goals and what you are trying to draw attention to. Finally, make sure that the layout works with the size of the flag. Remember, these are fairly small, so long phrases may not fit well upon printing. If you place words on your feathered flag, make them short and to the point.

    In general, as you design your flags, remember that less is more. The goal is to grab attention, not create a dialogue about your item.

    There are many styles or shapes of feather flags available. These designs can include standout convex, concave, and square bottom or swooper and teardrop shapes. The ability to create a custom flag extends to the shape, color, and graphic printing on each one. Be sure to take note that each flag size and shape may require a specific pole.

    Banner Flag Text

    When choosing the text, make user it is big enough. In general, for every inch of height on your lettering, the text can be read from 10 feet away. So, lettering that is 2 inches tall can be read up to 20 feet away. Consider how far away people will stand, and choose lettering that is tall enough to be read easily.

    For font color, make sure it contrasts well with the background color it is placed against. Blue and red against yellow, for example, can work well, while white against yellow does not work as well and is low contrast. If you are having trouble with colors, consider outlining the text in black so it stands out.

    Finally, choose a font that is easy to read. Script fonts are not a good option for feather or swooper flags, because they are hard to read quickly. Instead, use a simple print that someone can read while quickly walking or driving past your sign.

    Custom Feather Flag Design with FLS Banners

    FLS Banners makes it easy to create custom feather flags that increase your visibility and help your business stand out. Our custom flags can use single-sided and come in many different sizes and shapes. We print and ship quickly, so you can have your flags in time for your upcoming event. Reach out to FLS Banners today to get our free quote for custom feather flags, then use these tips to incorporate them into your facility or trade show booth effectively.

  • fls banners feather flagsFeather flags are the perfect banner to draw attention to your trade show booth or outdoor event space. FLS Banners produces the most durable feather flag on the market. Each flag is made with a heavy knit fabric pocket so that you can use it over and over for years to come.

    At FLS banners, we have several sizes and shapes of custom feather flags for your consideration. These durable, weather-resistant banners are perfect for both indoor or outdoor booth. As you shop, consider these sizes and shapes.

    About Feather Flag Sizes

    At FLS Banners, one way we help you find the feather flags you need for your particular application is by offering different sizes of feather flags. Whether you are looking for a feather banner that towers over event attendees to gain traction to your booth, or something a little less overstated that will gather people to your space, without being too large, we have a flag size to fit. The three flag sizes we offer are:

    1. Small Feather Flag – Our small flags are eight feet tall, which means they are just a little bit taller than event attendees. These work great for indoor trade shows where you may have ceiling height limitations, but you still want your booth to stand out.
    2. Medium Feather Flag – Our medium flags are 12 feet tall, which makes a definite statement. These stand about double the height of event attendees, so they will grab attention. They can be used indoors as long as the ceiling height is not an issue, and also work well for outdoor applications.
    3. Large Feather Flag – Our large flags are 16 feet tall. Because of their height, these are best for outdoor applications. You can see these featured flags lining concert venues, attracting attention for sidewalk sales, and used in outdoor festival environments.

    About Feather Flag Shapes

    Not only do feather flags come in different sizes, but they also come in different shapes. Shapes will help you create the look you want for your event or booth, but deciding which shape is best is not always an easy task. Here is a closer look at the different shapes we offer:

    1. Convex Feather Flag – Convex feather flag are rounded out at the bottom. This provides a greater surface area for your printed message with a pleasing finished look.
    2. Concave Feather Flag – Concave feather flags round inward at the bottom for a unique look. The slight inward curve allows more space underneath, which can be helpful if flags line a walkway.
    3. Square Feather Flag – Square feather flags have a square corner on the bottom.
    4. Swooper Feather Flag – A swooper is a feather flag that has a squared-off top and bottom for a trapezoidal shape.
    5. Teardrop Feather Flag – Teardrop feather flags resemble an upside-down drop of water, with a curved top and a bottom that angles in to a point. These have more space underneath, making them a good choice to line walkways.
    6. Teardrop XL Feather Flag – Just like the teardrop, only bigger, the teardrop XL gives you slightly more space for printing.

    Ultimately, the shape you choose will depend on your application and the look you want to create. All of our feather flags come with the same durable materials and fast, full-color printing, so they will serve you well.

    Feather Flag Accessories and Kits

    Finally, as you are shopping for custom feather flags, you will want the right accessories and kit to ensure you are able to mount and display your flags. Each kit contains the flag, custom pole, mounting hardware, and a base. The kit you need will depend on where you plan to use the flags. Some options we offer include:

    1. No Base – If you already have a base, pole, and the right mounting gear, consider going with no base at all.
    2. Flag + Ground Stake Kit – If you’re going to use your flags outdoors and plan to stake them in the ground, this is the kit you want.
    3. Flat + Heavy water Base Kit – Heavy water bases are filled with water to keep the flag in place. The weight of the water prevents tipping, and these bases are usable indoors or out.
    4. Flag + X-Base Kit – An x-base is an x-shaped piece of metal that provides stability for the flag. You may wish to place a weight on top of this when used outdoors, but it works quite well for standard indoor use.

    FLS Banners is proud to offer state-of-the-art dye-sublimation processing and custom printing for all of our products. Our custom feather flags are delivered to you with speed and quality. Use your own artwork through our easy online submission process and display your logo proudly on each custom feather flag.

    No matter which combination you choose, when you shop with FLS banners, the process is simple and the printing and shipping time lightning fast. Order your banners now!

  • small business trade show planningFor many small businesses, trade shows are a great way to get your name out there into the community and show people what you have to offer. Yet trade show costs can add up quickly, and you need to make sure you are doing everything to manage those costs efficiently for your business. As a small business, you must leverage the trade show circuit well in order to get a profit for the time and money you invest. Here are some tips to help today’s small business owners jump in to the trade show world with success.

    Budget and Plan Ahead

    It’s easy to overspend on trade shows, so a budget is the first step in the process. You do need to spend some money to make these shows successful. From the promotional products you hand out to the marketing materials on your display, not to mention the fees to rent the booth, there will be some money involved, but you need to determine how much is reasonable to spend before you start.

    Next, determine what your goals are. This will help you determine if your trade show has been successful. Goals may include:

    • Gaining new leads
    • Increasing brand recognition
    • Networking
    • Sales


    Make the exhibit goals measurable, so you can evaluate your success after the event.

    Decide where you will attend the trade show that is relevant to your industry. Choose a location that is likely to attract the partner or customer who will help you meet your goal. Since you will pay to be in the trade show, location is an important factor.
    Most importantly, plan ahead. Plan travel dates, book hotel rooms, and start planning the logistics of the show well ahead of time. This will ensure you have ample time to get all the details in place and give your staff time to prepare themselves as well.

    Start Marketing Now

    As soon as you know your location and dates, start marketing. Hit your social media pages with exciting posts about your upcoming event schedule. The more people in the local area that hear about the show, the better your attendance will be. Consider putting out incentives to invite people to visit your booth. Create a teaser video that will showcase some of the stuff you’ll have available.

    As part of your pre-show marketing, order your promotional items that both showcase your company's brand and leave a good first impression. You need to have some good stuff to give away in order to entice people to visit your booth. Choose items that will create a good impression of your business, but remember to keep your marketing budget in mind too.

    Build a Memorable Trade Show Booth

    Now it’s time to start planning for your exhibit booth. A successful trade show needs the right exhibit design to draw people in. This can be hard for first-time exhibitors who are not sure what will make people stop and take a closer look, but try to think like a visitor or attendee who is coming to the show. What would make you stop and look more closely at an exhibit space, rather than going to look at other exhibitors instead?

    First, you will need trade show tablecloths. Choose tablecloths branded with your logo or name. Then, consider banners that will draw attention. Finally, add the backdrops, displays, posters, and technology to your tables that will give people something to look at and read when they get to your booth.

    Depth is an important factor in exhibit design. You need several layers of display items that will draw people to your booth, then you need promotional items to encourage them to stay. Don’t neglect the height as well. With banners and backdrops, you can make your booth stand out by being taller than the competition.

    Videos and slideshows, as long as they are short, can also be effective at keeping people at your booth once they arrive. Use a bright, but not overpowering, color scheme. Consider adding a presentation board that showcases the benefit of your product or service. Use plenty of pictures throughout your booth design, because many people will not stop to read but will take in images. Above all, make sure your logo and company name are central to the overall design.

    If you are looking for help creating your trade show booth, you need the right supplier of trade show booth materials. FLS Banners offers high-quality, custom trade show booth materials at affordable prices with fast shipping. From banners to tablecloths, all of these items can be fully branded with your logo and design. We offer a 100% guarantee on all products, and have a three-day proofing and shipping process to ensure you’re getting the right items. Reach out to FLS Banners today to start planning your own trade show booth design.

  • trade-show-eventWhether it’s your first trade show or your fiftieth, when a trade show is pending, every exhibitor needs to be properly prepared. While the packing process does get easier as you do more and more trade shows, it’s still helpful to have a handy trade show checklist on hand to tap into as you prepare. Here is a closer look at what you will need in preparation for an upcoming trade show and improve your marketing prowess.

    Essential Items for the Event

    As you prepare for the event itself, these are the items you will need to have on hand:

    • Business cards – You need more than you think. Everyone who walks by your booth will want to grab one, and you may misplace a box or two in the flurry of events. Running out means missed marketing opportunities with attendees.

    • Display items – It almost goes without saying, but make sure you have your booth items on hand, like your posters and banners, so you can set up your display. Don’t forget the electronics and TV screens you may need to attract attendees.

    • Trade Show Displays - These are absolutely essential to showcase your brand and get noticed!

    • Trade Show Tablecloths - Don't leave a bare table out on the show floor, tablecovers are a must for bringing your booth together.

    • Presentation media – Don’t forget the media you need to make your booth presentation effective!

    • Writing utensils – Pens and pencils tend to disappear, so have a large stash.

    • Stapler and staples – From handing out stacks of pamphlets to last minute repairs to something on your display, it’s always great to have one on hand.

    • Markers – Have plenty of permanent markers on hand that you can use for everything from removing typos to making a quick promotional poster.

    • Tape – Tape of all types is helpful to stick things to your booth display, make emergency repairs, or tape down wayward cords to avoid tripping hazards.

    • Trade show tablecloths – Have a variety of sizes of your trade show tablecloths so you can fit whatever size table you have to work with in your booth.

    • Extension cords – For lighting and electronics, you’ll need to be able to plug in, and the plug may not be close to you.

    • Scissors – When you need them, nothing else will do, so have a few pairs of scissors in your kit.

    • Miscellaneous office supplies – Pack sticky notes, paper clips, clipboards, and loose paper, so you have the supplies on hand when you need them.

    • Power strip – If you arrive and find that you only have one outlet available to you, a power strip will be invaluable.

    • Promotional items – T-shirts, stress balls, cups, pencils, clips, and any other branded item that you’re planning to give away needs to end up in your bins as you prepare for the trade show.

    • Bags – You will want trash bags, zip-top baggies, and shopping bags, preferably branded shopping bags, to complete your trade show supplies.


    Personal Comfort and Care

    Make sure you take care of your own needs, too. Here are some personal care and comfort items any exhibitor may wish to have on hand.

    • Water bottle – Trade shows are hot work. Even indoor trade shows require many hours on your feet talking to people. Bring plenty of water or an empty water bottle you can fill.

    • Snacks – You may not get a convenient lunch break, so have some healthy, protein-based snacks available.

    • Comfortable shoes – This is not the time to pull out the stilettos. Focus on comfort, because you’ll be on your feet most of the day.

    • Breath mints – Mints are better than gum, which makes you look unprofessional, but have something to take care of bad breath issues.

    • Sunscreen – For outdoor events, make sure you’re properly protected.


    Just in Case

    Emergencies happen. Make sure you are prepared for anything that can occur with these extra supplies.

    • First aid kit – Bandages, OTC medications, and disinfectant will help for any problems that arise during the trade show.

    • Safety pins – Don’t let a wardrobe malfunction get you down! You can also use safety pins to pin trade show tablecloths and banners that aren’t cooperating as you wish.

    • Zip ties – Are your wires and cords running every which way? Zip tie them in place!

    • Photos – Take pictures of your assembled booth. That way, you can look at pictures easily to see where each item belongs as you set up.

    • Extra tablecloths – When an event attendee spills their coffee all over your white tablecloth, have a spare on hand to ensure you can keep presenting well.

    • Paper copies – Have paper copies of every form you’re using, even if you plan to fill out forms digitally. Paper copies mean you can continue to collect information, even if your technology fails you.

    • Detergent pen – Small spills and stains on both tablecloths and clothing can be addressed with detergent pens.

    • Superglue – Superglue can fix most potential problems!


    Get Help Building Your Trade Show Booth

    Getting prepared for a trade show starts with the right trade show booth. Contact FLS Banners today for help creating your own trade show booth!

  • custom trade show boothTrade show booths come in all shapes and sizes but their purpose are usually the same, an opportunity to broadcast your brand at an event; a place to engage the business community in a unique way. Trade show booths are used to represent a company and provide a platform for marketing at trade shows or similar events.

    The actual booth is made of a number of trade show display materials. These include promotional items ranging from table covers, retractable displays or banners, backdrop displays, even flags or lighting.

    FLS Banners offers many options for trade show displays and exhibits. To make things easier to get your custom booth, we have provided several trade show display kits that includes multiple promotional products that fit your budget and needs.

    We offer:

    In addition, FLS Banners provides individual pieces such as table covers, backdrop displays, and banners separately.

    Why Should I Attend a Trade Show Event?

    There are thousands of trade shows in the U.S. each year where qualified attendees are already tuned in to your specific industry. In some ways, the potential for networking can't be rivaled, all you need to do is show up and engage. Many exhibitors understand that trade shows provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate their products or services face-to-face with qualified individuals.

    Not only are trade show events a proven place to gain quality leads, but even conduct sales there at the show. Most attendees have buying power, a quality trade show display can help convince them to conduct business with you.

    How do I Choose the Best Trade Show Booth for My Business?

    Choosing the right booth depends on your marketing strategies and goals. However, your booth exhibit should be optimized to attract attention and send a clear branded message to trade show attendees what kind of business you represent.

    With a little research, you can discover what kind of events your customer base are most likely to attend, and you can create an exhibit that tells a story to that audience.

    Another factor to consider is budget. The logistics of travel, exhibitors fees, accommodations, shipping, booth installation and exhibit space rental, marketing, and any other expenses you might expect.


    How Much Does a Trade Show Booth Cost?

    While some statistics suggest you can expect to spend about $100-$150 per square foot on a trade show booth, FLS Banners offers booth kits starting under $300. Even if your budget is relatively small, you can create a custom booth that is made of high-quality material with printed graphics of your own design that look sharp and professional.

    The initial preparation for a trade show may seem steep at first, but the potential ROI shouldn't be passed up. FLS Banners is here to help you thrive in your industry and get the custom event booth you need to do so! We offer easy online graphics submission, free art proofing, all-side printing at no extra cost, and instant 3-day shipping.

    Contact us today for questions involving purchasing the right trade show materials.

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100% Guarantee

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Ships in 3 days

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