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  • custom trade show boothTrade show booths come in all shapes and sizes but their purpose are usually the same, an opportunity to broadcast your brand at an event; a place to engage the business community in a unique way. Trade show booths are used to represent a company and provide a platform for marketing at trade shows or similar events.

    The actual booth is made of a number of trade show display materials. These include promotional items ranging from table covers, retractable displays or banners, backdrop displays, even flags or lighting.

    FLS Banners offers many options for trade show displays and exhibits. To make things easier to get your custom booth, we have provided several trade show display kits that includes multiple promotional products that fit your budget and needs.

    We offer:

    In addition, FLS Banners provides individual pieces such as table covers, backdrop displays, and banners separately.

    Why Should I Attend a Trade Show Event?

    There are thousands of trade shows in the U.S. each year where qualified attendees are already tuned in to your specific industry. In some ways, the potential for networking can't be rivaled, all you need to do is show up and engage. Many exhibitors understand that trade shows provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate their products or services face-to-face with qualified individuals.

    Not only are trade show events a proven place to gain quality leads, but even conduct sales there at the show. Most attendees have buying power, a quality trade show display can help convince them to conduct business with you.

    How do I Choose the Best Trade Show Booth for My Business?

    Choosing the right booth depends on your marketing strategies and goals. However, your booth exhibit should be optimized to attract attention and send a clear branded message to trade show attendees what kind of business you represent.

    With a little research, you can discover what kind of events your customer base are most likely to attend, and you can create an exhibit that tells a story to that audience.

    Another factor to consider is budget. The logistics of travel, exhibitors fees, accommodations, shipping, booth installation and exhibit space rental, marketing, and any other expenses you might expect.


    How Much Does a Trade Show Booth Cost?

    While some statistics suggest you can expect to spend about $100-$150 per square foot on a trade show booth, FLS Banners offers booth kits starting under $300. Even if your budget is relatively small, you can create a custom booth that is made of high-quality material with printed graphics of your own design that look sharp and professional.

    The initial preparation for a trade show may seem steep at first, but the potential ROI shouldn't be passed up. FLS Banners is here to help you thrive in your industry and get the custom event booth you need to do so! We offer easy online graphics submission, free art proofing, all-side printing at no extra cost, and instant 3-day shipping.

    Contact us today for questions involving purchasing the right trade show materials.

  • personalized wedding bannersPlanning a wedding is both stressful and exciting. You want your special day to be memorable, and there are so many small and large details that go into the planning process. Whether you are planning your own wedding or are a wedding planning professional looking for help for your clients, one thing that can help set off the wedding and make it memorable is the use of custom wedding banners and table covers. FLS Banners has a number of products that work exceptionally well for weddings. Here is a closer look at what you can use to make your wedding distinctive. All of these products can be fully customized with our high quality printing services, making them truly unique and customized for your big day.

    Backdrop Banners Make a Great Photo Booth

    Photo booths are quickly becoming a staple of the modern wedding. They are a fun and festive way to capture your guests that works even better than a guest book, and they provide something to add to the festivities of the reception. Every good photo booth starts with the right backdrop, and FLS Banners can help.

    We offer large fabric popup display backdrop banners that are the perfect solution. While many photographers offer backdrops as part of their photo booth services, these backdrops are not personalized to your event. If you want to have a photo booth that stands out, you need a custom photo booth backdrop.

    Whether you choose a solid color that is in line with your wedding color scheme or customize the banner with your wedding logo, you will have the perfect spot to capture the memory of your guests. The durable fabric backdrop banner will stand up under many hours of use, and you will enjoy the custom look that it gives to your photo booth. With FLS Banners, all you need is a photographer and some photo booth props to get going!

    Custom Table Covers are a Nice Touch

    At your reception and even at the ceremony, you will have tables set up for people to sit at or for gifts. While you can use a white generic table cover for these, you can also dress up the space with a custom table cover. This will give your wedding a more personal, intimate touch.

    Add your name, the date of the venue, or a phrase you love. Choose custom table covers for every table in your reception hall, or order one to set off the head table and highlight the bride and groom. You can even get extra creative and use custom table covers for each table, indicating who will sit where. A table marked for groom’s family, bride’s family, and guests of either party can help people find their spots more easily. If you want guests to mingle, make the tables say “Take a seat, not a side!”

    FLS Banners has a number of different table cover designs for you to choose from. Find the one that matches your style, and start customizing it today to make your reception and ceremony locations look their best.

    Feather Flags Are Festive

    Custom wedding banners are not limited to photo booths and table covers. You can get custom feather flags to set off your festivities quite colorfully. Highlight the location of your party or wedding reception with personalized wedding banners that showcase your venue and your specific location. With the fabric waving in the breeze, your guests will be able to find their way to the ceremony or party with ease. You can choose any color to match your theme, then customize them with your name and date or your wedding message. They come with the stakes to securely place them in the ground, so you have nothing to worry about!

    Custom feather flags for your wedding use the industry-leading printing technology that FLS Banners is famous for. With double-sided printing, wide color selection, and lightweight, durable fabrics, these wedding banners will look great through your entire ceremony and reception. Use feather flags to direct your guests and make your wedding distinctive!

    Order Custom Banners for Your Wedding Today

    Do you have specific colors or designs in mind? Our custom banners are the perfect solution. FLS Banners will work with you to get the perfect banners or flags for every wedding. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Trade show table covers are a critical part of your marketing plan. They set your trade show booth apart and gives your overall presentation a professional look. It also means it can derail your marketing efforts if you aren’t careful. Whether fitted or stretch contour styles, trade show table covers have to look their best every time you put them out, and that’s often challenging when you have to store them and get them out over and over again.

    Trade show table covers and table runners are designed to be wrinkle free. Yet repeated folding and improper storage can make even the most resilient fabric wrinkle. If you want to ensure that your trade show or presentation table looks its best every single time, storing trade show covers properly between uses is the key. All it takes is a little bit of effort to fold and store the cover right to reduce wrinkles and save you the time and frustration of ironing them before each use.

    How to Minimize Creases and Wrinkles in Your Trade Show Table Covers

    If you want to minimize creases and wrinkles in your trade show table covers, proper folding and storage is key. The following steps will help reduce the risk of wrinkles:

    1. To fold the table cover, start by grabbing the table cover from the long side, the side that has the seam.

    2. Fold this over the top of the table, matching the edge of the cover with the edge of the table.

    3. Repeat this process with the opposite side.

    4. Now, take the short sides of the table cover and fold them. The folded edge should match up with the edge of the table. On a long table will be a gap between the edges of the two short sides near the center of the table. Check to see that the flaps underneath the fold remain smooth during this process.

    5. Next, grab one edge of the table cover and line it up with the edge on the opposite side. This will effectively fold the table cover into thirds if done correctly.

    6. Fold the table cover in half to form a square.

    7. Make one more fold, grabbing the side that is made up of the same edges. This is the last fold.

    8. Now you are ready to store the table cover. If folded correctly, you should be able to slide the table cover into the bag it came in. If it will not slide into the bag, try folding it again.

    9. Store the table cover in a bag in a place where water is not likely to get to it. Avoid stacking other things on top of it, and avoid contact with direct sunlight. Clean as needed to prevent stains.

    Here are a few tips to help improve the process even further:

    At every step, smooth out the table cover to prevent bubbles and wrinkles.

    If you have wrinkles when you get the table cover out, use a handheld fabric steamer. This is easier and more effective than ironing.

    Never stuff the table cover into a bag. If it does not slide in easily, get a larger bag or re-fold the table cover.

    Get Ready for Your Next Trade Show with Trade Show Table Covers from FLS Banners

    Prolong the life of your custom printed table cover so that your logo will look great for trade shows to come! If you have a trade show coming up, the right trade show table covers will help. If you do not already have them, consider the wrinkle-free, custom table covers and table runners from FLS Banners. If you do have them and have further questions about storing trade show table covers properly, don’t hesitate to ask us. Proper storage will help you keep your trade show covers in the best possible shape for many years of effective use.

  • table cover cleaning tipsTrade show table covers are a valuable investment. They help you create a unified appearance every time you head out to market your company. Yet with repeated use, your table covers are going to get dirty, and they may even stain if you don’t wash them well. When it’s time to wash them, you need to do it right to preserve the fabric and printing. Here are some tips to help with washing and drying trade show table covers, so they will deliver many years of reliable use.

    Table Cover Washing Tips

    Modern table covers are designed for durability and easy care. Most can be machine washed and dried, and steaming them to get out wrinkles works quite well. That said, you do need to know the different materials in order to chose the right washing techniques. At FLS Banners, we offer both knit polyester and poly poplin trade show covers. Here are the washing tips for both.

    Knit Polyester Trade Show Booth Table Covers

    Knit polyester is our standard material for trade show booth table covers. It’s durable, takes printing well, and drapes well over tables.

    Thankfully, knit polyester is quite easy to clean. You can simply wash it in a 160-degree wash cycle (cool water). Be sure to use a synthetic detergent. Avoid bleaching the table cover or using a detergent with a bleach agent. This can affect any flame retardant treatment of the fabric or the colorfastness of the printing.

    Once washed, toss the table cover in the dryer to tumble dry on a low temperature. Remove immediately. It should not need to be ironed if washed correctly, but you can touch up any creases with a 250-degree iron.

    For 100 percent polyester table covers, you need to avoid excessive heat. Also, do not leave the fabric too long in the dryer. This can damage it and lead to wrinkles that are hard to get out completely.

    Poly Poplin Trade Show Booth Table Covers

    Poly poplin is made from a plain weave with crosswise ribs that creates a corded surface and a very strong fabric. Washing it is easy. Simply wash it in cold water with a mild detergent. Machine dry it at a low temperature. To prevent wrinkles, remove as soon as the drying cycle is complete and store as you normally would. If you have problems with wrinkles or creases, either iron or steam the fabric to allow it to drape properly.

    With both poly poplin and knit polyester, storage is an important part of the washing and care. It is critical that you do not wad up the table covers and stuff them somewhere when not in use. This will clause wrinkles that are difficult to remove, and can also damage the overall nature of the material. These wrinkle-free materials should not crease, but only if you handle them right. After washing, fold the table cover up and store in a plastic bag. Avoid placing heavy items on top, as that could lead to creases.

    Get Help with Trade Show Covers Today

    Do you need additional help for your trade show covers? Do you have a question about the best way to use them or how to deal with stains? Contact FLS Banners online to learn more, or give us a call at 800-537-0463.


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  • trade-show-eventTrade shows offer a fantastic opportunity to move past the typical barriers inherent in marketing and get connected with the right customers. A well-prepared trade show booth can greatly increase your networking success. Whether you are a veteran or a brand new to the trade show scene, planning for the big event can be a daunting task. There are a number of steps to take before, during, and after your trade show. Here is a helpful checklist of tips and ideas to help you plan for your next trade show event.

    Pre-Trade Show Checklist

    1. Let's start with the basics. If you already know what your goals are for your trip and the message of your exhibit, next take a look at creating a vendor presentation for your booth. This can be optional but highly recommended.

    2. Next, pick your exhibitor space. Exhibit spaces usually go quickly, so it's best to act early and pick a spot that will fit your booth and offer the most exposure before it's taken. The best exhibiting spaces are usually near the front entrance of the trade show. If you can't secure a space near the front, at the very least find a corner or the end of the aisle to get maximum exposure.

    3. Once you have a spot picked out, it's time to design your trade show booth. There are many types of promotional materials available; from trade show banners, flags, table covers, and other trade show displays, really your budget and event space is the limit. FLS Banners offers convenient trade show display kits perfect for creating a great-looking booth that saves you time and money putting one together.

    4. Now it's time to create your trade show banners, booth materials, handouts, and other promotional products. This part of the process can take some time to prepare. Again, earlier is a good idea! FLS Banners offers a three-day proofing process and always priority shipping. Once you have submitted your order and graphics or logo via our easy online process, your trade show booth materials will be ready in no time!

    5. What else will you need printed or prepped before the big event? If you have fliers, pamphlets, stickers, or other kinds of handouts, you should get those ordered too. Will you be hosting a giveaway? Make sure prizes are in order.

    6. Make travel arrangements to and from the trade show for all staff that will be going. Everything from plane tickets, hotel rooms, transportation, and more will be booked quickly. Make sure you have arrangements prepared well in advance.

    7. Get the word out about your upcoming trade show event. Let current and potential customers know what event you will be at, where they can find you, and invite them to come. Using your email marketing list or social media accounts are good ways to do so.

    8. Get packing! Even if your booth materials have yet to arrive, it's always good to get a head start on putting together the essential supplies. Business cards zip-ties scissors First-Aid pens and highlighters paper clips multi-tool rubber bands stapler extension cords and surge protectors tape post-it notes comfortable shoes

    During the Show Checklist

    Depending on your goals for the trade show event, you may have a certain number of new leads you would like to gather or industry leaders you would like to network with. It often helps to put these goals on paper for you and your team. Be sure to:

    1. Be active. Keep moving, engage attendees, and promote positive body language. Your actions will stir engagement and attract more potential leads. Get out on the floor and make some new friends!

    2. Ask questions. Instigate the conversation with a question. By sparking genuine conversation, most attendees will be willing to discuss what you do.

    3. Be ready to demonstrate your product or service from memory. The more prepared you are, the more confidence you will generate, and the more you will impact a potential lead.

    4. Take lots of notes and be a good listener. At an average trade show, you will interact with hundreds of attendees. Most likely, you won't remember every detail of every conversation so it helps to take notes. Write down names, companies, titles, and other important details of each promising interaction. Take names and contact information as much as you hand out yours.

    5. Stay active on social media during the event. Make sure you are keeping your followers up-to-date on the event and what your team is doing.

    Post-Trade Show Checklist

    1. Revisit your notes and follow up. Who did you talk to? What did you learn? While the information is still fresh, send your new contacts a brief email to reconnect after the event. Make sure your follow up is prompt. You could sweeten the deal by extending special pricing, free trials, free samples, or other strategy to encourage a response.

    2. Apply what you learned. Go over your feedback surveys and recall verbal feedback you received during the event. Make sure you implement the feedback for your next trade show event. As some may argue, a trade show is only as good as you take home from it.

    With preparation and a little skill, you can make yours a success by connecting with your audience and learning from your experience. Are you ready for the big event? Contact FLS Banners and order your trade show display materials today!


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  • Golf season is here! Whether you are in charge of a facility and need the right flags to mark holes and promote your sponsors, or you are a sponsor yourself who wants to ensure that your sponsor signs are as professional as they should be, custom golf flags are the answer. FLS Banners offers a wide range of golf flags to meet your needs, with full-color printing and customization available.

    What Is the Difference Between Tube Insert and Traditional Golf Flags?

    At FLS Banners, you have the option to choose between tube insert and traditional golf flag. Tube insert golf flags are a versatile option that can be quickly switched out after a tournament when new sponsors need to be promoted. These flags have a tube insert sewn onto the side hem where you can fit the display pole, allowing the full flag length to be displayed while the flag is securely hanging on the pole.

    Traditional golf flags have three grommet attachment rings on the side, rather than a pole insert. These are clipped on to the pole, standing out from the flag through grommet attachments. These flags have reinforcements on the end by the grommets, so the flag can fly freely without tearing or damaging the fabric.

    Both tube insert and traditional golf flags are a great option for golf tournament signage. With FLS Banners, you can create custom signs that will be an asset to your next golf event.

    About Golf Tournament Sponsor Flags

    A golf tournament can only be a success with sponsors, and sponsors deserve to have their investment highlighted. Custom golf flags with the logo of tournament sponsors provide the advertising that they deserve as a result of their sponsorship, and FLS Banners makes it simple and fast to order your custom golf sponsorship signs.

    Golf sponsor flags can fly anywhere on your tournament grounds. They allow your tournament supporters to proudly show their support, while giving the tournament planning committee a way to decorate the golf course for the day. At FLS Banners, golf sponsor flags are printed in full color, with double-side printing options, so your design displays clearly. At the end of the tournament, these flags make a great memento for sponsors to thank them for their support. Golf sponsorship flags are regulation size at 14”H x 20”W.

    About Hole Sponsor Flags

    Hole sponsor flags are another option for sponsors to show their support of your golf tournament or other event. These custom golf flags feature a full-color logo just like the other sponsorship flags, but also have the number of the hole printed clearly on each side of the flag. These are regulation size 14”H x 20”W flags and come in either traditional or tube style.

    Create Your Custom Golf Flags for Your Next Event!

    Custom golf sponsor flags will make your next event a success. They give you an option to allow sponsors advertisement, while also adding color and flair to the golf course during the course of the event. FLS Banners offers a wide range of options for your custom golf flags, including double and single-sided custom printing, an easy graphic submission process, and the option to make bulk orders. Whether you are a company who regularly sponsors golf tournaments and wants a stash of flags ready to go, or you are a tournament planner who wants to provide your sponsors with the right flags for their needs, you can trust us and our fast printing and shipping process.

    Reach out to FLS Banners today to start designing your custom golf flags and sponsor signs. You can start your order online today!


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  • When creating a memorable trade show booth, there are several factors to consider. Being creative with your design, choosing the right promotional products, and presenting your brand message are all important aspects in having a successful trade show. With a few ideas for your booth, you could attract more attendees than before to your exhibit.

    What makes a booth stand out at a trade show? There are rows and rows of tables and banners but what makes any particular trade show booth stick out to you? With some investment in time, money, and effort, you can create a unique booth that visitors will remember.

    Here are some recommended tips and ideas for creating an engaging trade show booth, standing out from other exhibitors, and even attract potential new customers.

    1. Be Unique - Creative Expression Goes a Long Way

    2. Offer Company Swag

    3. Play Games - With Prizes

    4. Be Sure to Demo your Products/Services

    5. Implement Technology and be Active on Social Media

    Make a Creative Trade Show Booth

    The first of our trade show booth ideas covers the booth itself. Expect to invest a bit of money and time in creating the foundational part of a successful trade show endeavor. After all, good marketing requires that you show customers that you are to be taken seriously.

    Investing in a quality booth will be good for your ROI because it can be used over and over at trade show exhibits or other events for years to come. We recommend taking a look at some of our trade show booth kits to get started. Of course, you can always speak with a representative at FLS Banners to create a custom display that accurately represents your company brand. We carry 8ft and 10ft banners that are sure to attract compliments. When it comes to showing off your company's brand, quality custom printing is necessary. We use a sublimated-dye printing process that accurately represents the graphics unique to your brand and specifications.

    Provide Quality Swag and Promotional Giveaways

    Everybody likes free stuff. So why not make some friends and hand out free swag? Giveaways are an excellent way to attract visitors and spark conversation. The more unique your giveaway swag is, the more likely your company will stick in your guests' minds. Skip the pens and think outside the box with your trade show swag.

    Play Games with Prizes

    Continuing along the lines of swag giveaways, hosting simple games to win prizes is another excellent option when looking for creative ways to capture attendee's attention. A fun game that trade show attendees can join in and interact with tends to draw a crowd. Even at a serious "all-business" trade show event, putting a smile on a potential customer's face will help break down walls and reach people with a little fun.

    Be Sure to Demo Your Products or Services

    Now that you have your potential customers' attention, what do you do next? Being able to effectively explain or demonstrate your products or services to your audience is just as important as bringing people to you in the first place. Practice putting together a simple and short demonstration that addresses important questions your audience might have about the product or service you offer. Be ready to answer questions and provide and gather contact information for follow-up calls and referrals.

    Implement Technology and Be Active On Social Media

    Not only can technology make your trade show experience more efficient and positive, it can also impress attendees too. Digital signage and interactive touch screens are becoming popular at trade shows. Don't have the budget for this kind of tech? Even touch screen tablets (such as iPads) can be a great touch to your trade show table. Mounting hardware will keep it in place and within easy reach of visitors. Demonstrate your products on-screen with a short video, invite people to download an ebook, app, sign up for your email newsletter, phone messaging system, or other type of digital media you may have. Of course, don't forget to ask visitors to "like", follow, subscribe, or otherwise tune in on social media.

    The use of social media is important to broadcast from the show and keep audiences up-to-date. You invested in trade show booth, why not show it off? Be sure to let people know where they can find your exhibit at the trade show on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms your customers tend to use.

    Start your next event or trade show off with a fresh new look! Look like a veteran trade show exhibitor even if it's your first time.

    Our team is happy to help you get the promotional banners, table covers, backdrops, and flags you need to make a splash. Contact FLS Banners to get started with the first step, the trade show booth!


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  • custom-printed-feather-flagsAre you looking or a way to maximize the impact of your next display? Custom feather flags do just that. Now, with a special offer from FLS Banners, you can save on shipping for your next order of these high impact banner flags.

    About Custom Printed Feather Flags

    Custom printed feather flags from FLS Banners are lightweight, free-standing flags you can place anywhere in your display area. These flags stand tall, well over the heads of event attendees, so they will draw attention to your booth. They feature your logo on both sides, so no matter what angle they are viewed they will help with your branding efforts. They also work well for sporting events, festivals, retail openings and special sales, car dealerships, and so much more. Anytime you need something to grab attention that stands tall above the heads of your customers, you can benefit from custom feather flags. FLS Banners has streamlined our production process so that we can save you money and get your order to you faster. When compared to competitors, FLS Banners will save you $15 per order on average. Each feather flag set of poles will fit in a 48-inch box for convenient transportation. See what else we have to offer!

    What FLS Banners Offers

    FLS Banners offers you the option to purchase custom printed flags with the base or pole design that works best for your needs. These advertising flags are made entirely in the USA out of eco-friendly materials and methods. Our printing process creates zero waste, because we reduce and reuse wherever possible. We ship lightning fast, with most orders shipping within three business days, with a special discount shipping offer for current orders. You can easily get your custom flags to your doorstep in time for your next event.

    At FLS Banners, we make it easy for you to customize your flags. Our easy upload and submission process, including templates that are easy to understand, makes it simple to start your designs. As part of our 3-Point Proof Process, we will send you an art proof for free to ensure the final design is exactly what you want, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

    Unlike other custom flag printing companies, we do not charge for both sides. Our flags are two-sided by design, and we include printing on both sides for one affordable price.

    Types of Feather Flags Feather

    flags come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different bases depending on your needs. As you are choosing the right flag for your needs, here are some of the considerations to make.

    Flag Shape

    First, consider which flag shape works best for your needs. FLS banners sells a variety of shapes, including convex, concave and square traditional banners. You can also choose a swooper, which angles slightly over the people walking below, a teardrop shape, or an XL teardrop shape. The flag shape will depend on your style, your logo design, and the place where you will display the banner.

    Flag Size

    In addition, you can choose between a variety of flag sizes. Many people use feathered flags to grab attention from afar, and they need tall options that soar above the heads of event attendees. This includes 16-foot and 12-foot options. However, for smaller events or trade show booths, 8-foot feathered flags are also a great option.

    Base Design

    Where the custom feather flags will be displayed is an important consideration, because this will determine the type of base you want. Ground stakes are perfect for outdoor flags, as they stick securely into the ground to stay firmly in place, even with wind. For flags that may need to be used indoor or outdoors, water bases work well. These wide bases are filled with water to add weight and keep the flag in place, but are more easily moved than ground stakes. For indoor use, an x-base flag base is convenient, lightweight and portable.

    Are you ready to enjoy the statement you can make with a custom feather flag? Order your custom feather flags today from FLS banners, and save around $15 per shipment!


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  • seg-backlit-trade-show-displayIf you are looking for a way to make your trade show booth or event space "pop", SEG backlit displays are it!

    Backlit trade show displays are one of the latest innovations in promotional and advertising tools used by professionals. These special backlit pop up banners utilize LED lights to illuminate a printed design beautifully. The clear, bright LEDs bring an extra definition to your custom graphics.

    Although backlit banners use a specialized fabric in order to let the LED light show through, any custom graphics can be printed on it, much like an ordinary display. The difference, however, is remarkable!

    How Backlit Banners Work

    Backlit pop up displays are made of specialized material that is light and durable that lets the backlighting through, illuminating special designs or graphics printed onto the front.

    The backlit fabric is stretched precisely across a lightweight aluminum frame that contains the LEDs. This frame is also called the light box. Setup and takedown for these kinds of backdrop displays are deceptively easy and the lights plug directly into a wall outlet.

    About SEG Pop Up Banners

    SEG backlit displays come in multiple sizes and are either SEG pop up displays or backlit vector frames. These types of displays are flexible in that they are modular. The frames can be interconnected which allows you to expand your trade show booth as you see fit. SEG stands for silicone edge graphics. SEG is the specialized fabric used for backlit pop up banners. SEG is a fabric graphic that is dye-sublimated at a high-resolution. The graphic is finished with a thin silicone strip sewn directly to the edge of the graphic. The SEG fabric must be precisely fitted so that it is taut when installed onto the display frame.

    Benefits of Backlit Trade Show Displays

    There are many advantages and benefits of using a backlit display at a trade show compared to your average backdrop display.

    • Draw attention to your trade show booth unlike any other display. The bright LED lights enhance the impact of your banner graphics.
    • Make your logo stand out to the consumer's eye. Highlight the features of your business and what you offer. Present a memorable first impression.
    • Portable trade show booths at its best. Backlit displays provide maximum impact while reducing the weight and size of a much bulkier display. They are lightweight and easy to assemble.
    • Fully customizable, from the size of the frame and display to the graphics custom printed on the banner itself.
    • High-quality dye-sublimated printing. FLS Banners has decades of experience in custom printing with special attention to detail.

    With backlit trade show banners, you don't need to sacrifice convenience or time for an exhibit booth that really stands out from the rest. Bring that extra edge to your next expo or trade show that attracts visitors your way.

    Coming soon: SEG backlit displays with custom printing by FLS Banners. Stay tuned!

    Contact FLS Banners today to get started creating your very own custom trade show display for your next exhibit!


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  • Custom table covers are the perfect finishing touch for a professional-looking trade show booth or display. FLS Banners has many types of table covers for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for something unique and trendy or something conventional and classic, we have a table cover that will fit.

    Types of Table Covers or Tablecloths

    When you need a cover for your tables, you have many options to choose from. Sometimes choosing the right one is overwhelming, but FLS Banners is ready to help. All custom tablecloths can include graphics all over or custom business logo in front for the same price! Some of the types we carry that are popular with our customers include these:

    Table throws – Table throws, which are also called table drapes, cover the table and drape all the way to the floor on all sides, creating convenient storage underneath the table that is accessible from the back but otherwise hidden from view. This also comes in an open back option with drape on three sides instead of four, adding sitting access in the back of the table. Fitted table covers – The straight, seamed corners on fitted table covers give your display a streamlined look. These are cut precisely to size and fit your tables like a glove. Available in all four sides or open back.

    Stretch table covers – A newly popular option, these table covers stretch over the legs and tabletop, giving a contemporary look and a snug fit that will not slip.

    Custom table runners – Custom table runners are placed over a blank solid color table cover to showcase your logo and graphics and draw attention to them through an attractive contrast. These offer the benefit of fitting tables of multiple sizes, adding convenience and flexibility. Adjustable table covers – When you’re not sure what size tables will be available from one event to the next, choose an adjustable table cover that fits both 6 and 8 foot tables.

    Blank table covers – If you don’t need or want your logo on all of your tables at your next display, we offer the option for blank table covers. Made from durable material in a range of colors, these give you a professional look without custom printing. These also pair well with custom table runners.

    Table Cover Custom Options – Our throws and fitted table covers are available in open back or closed back options, depending on your needs as a custom option.

    In addition, you have your choice of standard Knit Polyester or trade show certified FR Knit Polyester or custom stretch fabric with your purchase of a table cover from FLS Banners. All are available with your full color logo and graphics to make a positive impression on your trade show tables at your next event.

    One of the more popular materials for our custom table covers is our trade show certified fabric. This fire retardant knit polyester is durable, easy to clean, and easy to print on. Use these over and over without a problem. Certificate included in purchase as required by some venues.

    We also offer knit polyester custom table covers. This fabric delivers some of the best color in the market, is wrinkle resistant, and will dry quickly when wet. It works well both indoors and outdoors.

    Finally, you have the option to choose our contour stretch material, which is the fabric of choice for our stretch table covers. This fabric’s tremendous stretch fits snugly over your tables for a unique look. No matter which of these custom options you choose, when you purchase custom table covers with logo printing on them from FLS Banners, you will enjoy high quality products designed to last. The full color imprint will stay bright and festive year after year, and the custom designs will fit your table perfectly. If you are looking to create a professional-looking display, talk to FLS Banners about our different types of table covers to find one that is the right fit.

    The FLS Banners Difference

    You have many options to consider in your search for the right table covers. Why should you choose FLS Banners? We are a family business with over 30 years of printing innovation and experience creating custom table covers, flags and banners. We have superior fabrics and exceptional digital print techniques to ensure your table covers truly shine. The vibrant colors and quality materials make our products stand out, yet we are able to provide them at a much lower cost than our competition because they are printed here in the USA. This combination of improved products and reduced pricing, put together with our exceptional customer service, makes FLS Banners truly stand out.

    Are you in the market for new table covers? Do you want your trade show booth or display table to stand out? Reach out to FLS Banners today to select from our wide variety of table covers, and be prepared for your next event in style.


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